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Deviate from Reality takes you from the real world and delves into the imaginary. It looks at the world of games and their impact on Mediasplat team member Kelly over the years since shes been playing.

Ah, nostalgia. It’s a wonderful thing. But is it always accurate? Is it always true to reality? Take a look at Matt’s reviews of old games that he re-examines now that he’s had time for the nostalgia to be replaced with scepticism.

You know what’s awesome? Charity! You know what else is awesome? Gaming! Follow Identity Gaming as they try to raise money for Alzheimer’s!

Join Joeri in the corner we make him sit in whenever he starts forming his own opinions about games. Be warned, he’s very convincing!

Follow Kelly and Joeri as they review and try out new and old tabletop games, from classics to hidden gems.


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