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2 weeks

Suited to anyone with an English degree who couldn’t be arsed teaching, Critical Contrast takes an in depth look at the tricky art of adaptation, taking a theme or two and analysing the journey from book to film to game to whatever Oli has been thinking about lately. Because like a trip through airport security or an unfortunate bout of constipation, not everything comes out intact…

critical-contrast-scif-fi-comedy-red-dwarf    critical-contrast-scif-fi-comedy-red-dwarf-extra-contrast

critical-contrast-rick-and-morty-extra-contrast    critical-contrast-sci-fi-comedy-rick-and-morty

Critical Contrast - E1DOOM1    Critical Contrast - E2DOOM3


Critical Contrast - The Horror (Part 1)    Critical Contrast - The Horror (Part 2)

Critical Contrast - The Horror (Part 3)

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