Joeri’s Corner – Gravity Rush


This time I’m writing about Gravity Rush because very soon Gravity Rush 2 is releasing (only days in fact from the time I’m writing this), so I think there’s no better moment to get to this game. I have preordered the sequel because I was so satisfied with this first one. There’s also the possibility that I’ll do the sequel the next time, no promises though in case I find something more interesting and change my weird mind about it. For now let’s get down to business with this one. Gravity Rush was originally intended for the ps3 and branded “Gravité”  but then got released for the PSvita instead because they found it a more suitable platform for this game. However later on they released the remastered version for the PS4 at the end of 2015 for Japan and beginning of 2016 for Europe and the US. In some releases it’s been named Gravity Daze, so you might also find it somewhere under that name instead. The game was rendered in a cartoony 3D style, with a mix of the Japanese and French animation styles. They set up the game with a very nice jazzy soundtrack which gives it the entire Belle époque vibe in my opinion.

The game starts with the main character Kat who has seemingly fallen down from somewhere and she cannot remember her past or how she ended up where she landed. She immediately encounters this weird ‘cosmic cat’ that appears to be some familiar to her, later on she decides to call her cat Dusty. Barely getting her senses together she finds this man in panic because his son is caught up in this gravity storm that tries to swallow him up, when saving this kid she finds out she has the ability to bend gravity. During this first part the game makes you acquainted with the controls of your powers, what in all honesty is very disorienting in the beginning because up is not always up anymore and you might lose track of your surroundings. You might think you landed safely while instead you were upside down and now fall to your doom, luckily the game gives you a clearly marked goal to focus on so I’d say stick in there and don’t ragequit too soon.  You find out that Kat landed in this troubled town called Hekseville and of course you go out of your way to help these people. Your gravity powers will come in real handy since Hekseville is a floating city. In between the missions you are free to explore the town from top to bottom, quite literally in fact since there are valuable resources you need at the very underside of this floating urban mess. These resources are power crystals you will need to upgrade your powers so the mission here is to explore as many nooks and crannies as possible to gather these. The time you get in between the story missions to explore this open world gives the game a more open feeling and less linear than some other games.

During your time playing you’ll meet a lot of colourful characters, each with their own tale. Some will start out as your friends and some will start out as your opponents you’ll have to fight, but not all will stay just that. Gravity Rush Remastered also has some DLCs, and they will add a few more missions to the game and some costumes you can unlock. With these you also get a few more characters added to the roster. You will notice some are weirder than the others, one being the man who calls himself the “creator”. He helps Kat into rejoining some of the missing parts of Hekseville by opening a portal for her by basically being a flasher, where his body should be however is the portal to the rift planes. The very first time he does this and you see him opening his coat and your point of view is from his backside and they only show you the portal bit a frame later, so my first response was “You gross old dude!”.  Yet the action seems very ‘functional’ and you’re off to save the day.

The things standing in your way though are these monsters called the Nevi, they come in different shapes and different attack abilities. Throughout the game you will unlock more attacks for yourself to be able to battle these Nevi properly, ranging from the regular kick or flying kick to the special attacks. They will all be unlocked by playing through the story missions of course, later you can further power them up by using those power crystals I mentioned before. There’s  a wide range of things you can upgrade besides attacks, such as the gravity gauge which allows you to bend gravity for a longer uninterrupted time or the gravity gauge refill rate.

I really think many types of people could enjoy this game and that’s one of the reasons I would recommend playing it. Another being that this game has a very ‘fresh’ feel to it, that way it manages to set itself apart. The creators set out to make something different and they managed just that. This cartoon style rendering supports the feel of this world in its fullest, every place gets its own different vibe to it. The different parts you bring back are all the different themed districts like the entertainment district or the industrial district and so on. The entertainment district called Pleajeune has a more nighttime setting to it what brings out the more vibrant colours on these buildings. They managed to get all those settings across beautifully so you can immerse yourself into this animated world better.  Throw that feeling of the open world on top so you have yourself a very relaxing and entertaining  game with hours of gameplay at your disposal. All I have left to say is pick up those controllers, plow your ass into a comfortable couch (or whatever your seat of choice is) and game away.


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