J&K Reviews – Ajin


So at the beginning of the series you’re introduced to a world where there are immortals called “Ajin”. The very first case of this was 17 years before the series is set where you see a group of militants trying to kill a “Soldier of God”. After finding out about this incident the world governments deem them to be dangerous inhuman beings while claiming to “help” them live in a safe environment…unfortunately nothing is as it seems and instead of actually helping them, they’re actually using them for cruel and inhumane experimentation for weapons, medicine etc. Our main character is a young boy by the name of Kei Nagai who discovers he’s an Ajin when he’s hit by a truck. Once found out, he becomes a wanted person and his only support is his childhood friend Kaito.


Due to the governments unjust experimentation, the Ajin that have escaped are bent on revenge with the exception of Kei. During his escape it is subtly revealed he is a very logical thinker with a lack of capacity for empathy and throughout the series he shows an interest in his own goals. Underneath all of that however  he actually tries to hide his feelings and cares a great deal about the people closest to him.


I was pleasantly surprised when we began to watch this show on Netflix. I wouldn’t say I’m picky when it comes to anime, but I do enjoy a certain type and this show fits entirely within that. The story is full of mystery and intrigue that it gets you thinking almost instantly when you begin to watch it. They talk about how an Ajin is immortal, but there is a case where one was permanently killed…throughout the entire series you learn more about their abilities and also a supposed way to “kill” an immortal. I am very thankful that Joeri persuaded (there wasn’t much persuading actually, ha!) me into watching this as I thoroughly enjoyed watching what’s been released already.


I don’t really know about what part would be my favourite, but I do have a couple of characters I would call my favourite. I found the main antagonist, Sato, to be one of the most interesting characters in the anime. There’s just something about him that screams mystery, especially in the beginning. Even though so far there’s only 26 episodes in total, the creator has made so many full-bodied in depth character details that you start to feel a sort of connection with some of them. Sato is interesting not only for how he is at the time in the anime, but also his past is so deep in darkness that it really gets you questioning just exactly who he is.

I’d recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys a darker story to what they’re used to. We discussed this while watching and it definitely feels like it’s on par with Death Note. The story, the characters…they’re all so very well done that you can’t help but want to watch more. There is no real sort of “happy ending” in this and there are just so many questions that have no answers…when we got to the last episode (so far), I found I just wanted to watch more and find out all the information that you think is missing to piece together the puzzle. So yeah, I recommend this to anyone who likes a good dark story when watching anime.



When I was scrolling through the list on Netflix I saw this and it peaked my interest. When I saw the trailer, it didn’t disappoint. I waited to show this to Kelly as soon as I could and we immediately started watching it. The story is very well written with enough mystery and action, the characters have good background stories that gives them a lot of depth. I looked up on the art style of the manga so I could compare it to the anime, because sometimes the anime art can differ from the original manga, and I did like the art on both since it follows the original art very nicely. The anime’s art is of a very high quality as it was done by Studio Polygon and it delivers the story  better. I’d like to compare the quality of the anime and manga both to “Death Note” which I also enjoyed as a very good anime and manga.


When you watch this you can start wondering what you yourself would do if you gained these Ajin immortality powers. It’s been a wild dream of humanity since people had the free time to think about it and behead some sacrificial chickens and dance around in the rain of blood in their full nudity or whatever they did to gain immortality after all. (Well that went weirdly awkward fast) They show you how different people handle it in their own way, you have the intelligent Kai that uses and analyses in a very cold and calculating way, Sato who just treats it as his personal game and Tanaka who just went full bonkers while laughing like a maniac. It also shows how the world could abuse these powers and shines a light on the ugly side of humanity.

I personally would recommend this to anyone who likes the anime genre but you will have to able to withstand some bloody scenes though. It isn’t really heavy with humour but there is some there that is ever so subtle. The main selling point is still that high quality I talked about before and I just hope when they come out with some more episodes they can keep up this quality story wise and animation also.


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