J&K Reviews – Star Trek : Beyond


The third in the collection of Star Treks alternative universe, Star Trek Beyond. After the events of the previous movies, the crew of the enterprise begin a five year journey of exploration in the depths of space. They must overcome the trials and tribulations that such a journey will force them  take on…life becomes monotonous and questions arise. What exactly are we doing out here? What is the purpose of such a long  exploration? Three years into the mission these questions are asked by Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise and life becomes much more complicated when a routine rescue mission goes awry.



Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to watch this bad boy on a big screen in the cinema…I’m still highly disappointed in that, but after our luck trying to watch both the Captain America and X-Men Apocalypse I was definitely happy to watch it at home… where I have access to popcorn that doesn’t cost an appendage or two.  There’s only so many “The projector is broken, here have some free tickets to compensate!” that you can take, especially after it happened three times in a row. Don’t get me started on when it stopped halfway through Civil War…I was livid! Anyhow…We bought the DVD after a friend of ours mentioned he’d bought it and my instant thought was “It’s out?!”. I was ashamed of myself for forgetting so I was just a bit excited to watch it. I never really have too high expectations with movies, just in case they disappoint, but this one I absolutely loved. There was a certain amount of intrigue to it that kept me on the edge…

I suppose if I really have to choose a favourite part, I’d say it was where the Enterprise gets this nasty surprise. I don’t want to say too much without spoiling it for other people, but the way Jim looked after his ship got crippled…it really broke my heart a little. It’s of no surprise that in every Star Trek movie in the past the Enterprise has been destroyed , torn apart or blasted to bits. Every single time.  So for them to follow through with that in the recent ones…apparently Kirk is terrible at keeping his ship whole no matter his age! It’s almost like you gain a sort of connection with the ship and crew, so when something bad happens to them…you  really feel an intense amount of emotion. Or at least I do!


Obviously this is a must see for Star Trek fans that are interested in the new alternative universe they’ve created, but I also think it’s good for anyone who enjoys science fiction and hasn’t seen any of the old films. There is no “you need to see this first to get this one” feel to it so you don’t even need to watch the old films. They are enjoyable, however, so I really must suggest you watch them sometime in your life J seriously though, I think this movie appeals most to the sci-fi fans out there.



Another Star Trek movie, another Enterprise wrecked and at this point it isn’t even a spoiler to say it anymore it’s become a tradition. How many ships named Enterprise are they allowed to crash? When will they realise that slapping that name on a new ship is basically just as much as casting a curse on it? If I was a Starship captain and I had reached this point I’d be fired and sued for recklessly parking my ship, to make matters worse he flipped it around an extra time. Kirk might as well have said “Yea, I know I know I crashed it really hard and I’m sooooo sorry but… WOOP! Oh did a ship worth potential billions upon trillions just flip? Too bad so sad!” You have to hand it to him though, he does it all in style. Now let’s move on from this and look at the story. I found this a well composed story from protagonist to antagonist, from beginning to end. We find ourselves with a struggling Kirk, he seems mentally fatigued and doubting his place in the universe (quite literally here). This works not only well for the rest of the story but also to humanize this main character and for some people it is a common ground so they can better bond and identify with this character. They don’t present us this unbeatable hero captain in front of us but a rather humane and fragile person, which  is always a better move to make towards your audiences.


From the point they showed the trailers I tried speculating who these new enemies were, were they from some of the older series or were they completely new? At some point my theory was that it could be a more modern version of the Gorn. Well the movie proved me wrong and the more you progress through the story the more you get the hints they placed in front of you and you suddenly click with who they are. That’s why I also find that this movie is put together well, they present you with everything so you can puzzle it together on your own without being entirely obvious with it. All the environments they created were put together in an amazing way. The visuals of Yorktown were dazzling to say the least, the concept design is just smashing. We also get a nice feel of the various terrains of the planet they visit, the dangerously edgy rock formations and the free feeling woods they find themselves in help tell the story better by setting the correct mood.


Whether you’re a trekkie or just love anything science fiction or even are not into this at all it is very much worth it to watch Star Trek beyond. If you doubt about the fact that you haven’t seen all the rest of the movies that came before, worry not because even as a stand-alone movie this works. I’d like to finish with this little note of appreciation towards the small dedications they put into the movie towards 3 of the former actors they worked in. The death of Leonard Nemoy by mention the passing of the older Spock, they raised their glasses to Checkov in the movie as a tribute to the actor since he passed on due to an accident and also the silent nod towards George Takei by giving Sulu a nice gay family with a child showing that there can be a more just and fairer future.


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