J&K Reviews – The Secret Life Of Pets


From the creators of the well-known Despicable Me and Minions, Illumination Entertainment has released yet another fun-filled animation film…but this one zooms in on the secret life our pets have when we go to work every day. We’re introduced to a whole bunch of characters and personalities, especially ones you think are too cute and fluffy, as they work together to find one of their own who is missing without a collar. They’re taken through twists and turns to find their friend from bumping into stray cats to giant snakes and angry bunnies. The whole film is just this big collection of memorable funny events that will constantly make you laugh.



One of the first times I saw this movie advertised was actually because my mum sent me the clip through messenger, telling me it was “totally my movie” and it looked so good. I love animals in general and don’t have a big preference to dogs, cats etc but I’m more comfortable with cats having grown up with them at home more. Don’t get me wrong I’ve also grown up with dogs , but only when I was at a family members house. So yeah, when I saw the movie clip I was pretty much hooked from the start and couldn’t wait for it to come out. I also pretty much love animation movies to pieces…and I can watch them 50 times and never ever get bored.

My favourite part of the movie is a definitely right at the beginning. They introduce the Chloe, the cat, and how they do it is unbelievably funny I couldn’t help but love it. They actually show it in the trailer, so it’s not really so much a spoiler…Chloe is a rather large cat and most definitely high maintenance. She’s introduced when her owner leaves to go to work after giving her food and instead of eating it, she bats it away and goes for the fridge. The fridge. Where there’s a giant chicken and a giant cake…to which she ends up eating ALL of it! The trailer should be below, so if you’ve not heard of the movie….I suggest you watch it! Illumination Entertainment definitely don’t disappoint me with this one J

For anyone that’s a big fan of animation films or even someone who likes them as a whole, I really, really suggest watching this film. It is so heartwarming in parts and also a little sad…It seems to hit the feels pretty hard for me (but I really cry at everything so it doesn’t count…). Anyway, just try watching it…like everything else you may be surprised if you don’t like animation!


You’ve all probably wondered at one point what your little pets are up to when you leave the house, here’s the movie that will give you their point of view. It shows us sophisticated looking dogs going all out on a metal song, pets going in your house where you don’t want them, fury paws touching things they shouldn’t ought to touch. It’s all the things you can and can’t Imagine. They have their own little world and you finally get a glimpse of it. They started the trailers of with these little shenanigans and I just thought to myself “yea, if I was that cat I’d do a fridge raid during the day too!” The trailer also showed us the bunny with an attitude and honestly he also made that movie complete. Movies just seem so much better when there’s a violent bunny out to get you. Take Monty Python’s Holy Grail, now that was a tough bunny that had people talking about it for years with it’s horrible fangs and teeth.

The movie has some good humour to it and manages to get those soppy feelings across, and throw in some thrilling chase scenes that are kid friendly. The bunny driving a public transport bus is still etched into my brain after all. It also shows that a pets’ personality can vary just as much as us humans and they have their own whimsical traits and preferences. In a sense this was a mix of the movies Homeward Bound and Apocalypto, if you can imagine all of that in 3D-animation at least. The main reason probably why it was a fun movie to watch is because it’s one of those carefree feel good ‘imma look at it from another perspective’ kind of film that learns us something about being there for each other. We all know most of the world can still learn some tolerance and the “you don’t know where they’re coming from”

We’ll treat this movie as what it is shall we? An animated children’s movie. So if you want to spend a comfortable afternoon with your family at home and have some good laughs out of it I would recommend this movie. If you’re more the loner type then also do yourself a favor and watch this feel good movie so you’ll realise you are worthless by yourself and you better start surrounding yourself with some friends, so next time you put the DVD on you have someone to share it with.


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