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Supergirl is the slightly awkward but still seriously funny cousin of Clark Kent, Superman. The series follows her adventures and misadventures at trying to be the hero her city needs her to be. As she finds it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be and she encounters not just the typical bad guys, but a blast from the past that threatens to ruin the life she’s built up on Earth. Unlike Clark, ahem Kal-El, Kara landed on Earth at the age of thirteen with her memories of Krypton still intact. She struggles much more than him at becoming “normal” and coming to terms with the fact that her whole planet and family were destroyed…with the exception of Clark. Working as normal as she can get, in a media company, Kara works to be the best person that she can be…avoiding the dangers her hidden identity brings along so that her normal life won’t be effected.

It’s never as simple as that, however…



This series isn’t everyone’s idea of a good show, that I know. I have several friends who aren’t too keen on it, but it never stopped me from finding out just what it’s about. I think we first found out about it when it aired in the UK…and my mum just couldn’t stop talking about how good it was. My mum generally has the same tastes as me, so it’s only natural that we watched the very first episode with her back in the UK. Now we have the complete first season and pretty much binge watched it! I definitely looove this one. I see both sides of liking and not liking it, but for me it’s pretty obvious. There’s humour, Supergirl AND Superman…danger and predictable villains with unpredictable half-villains in the background that aren’t really evil…they’re just misunderstood.


My favourite part of the series so far has got to be somewhere near the end, without spoilers here, where Kara finds out just how angry she is about what happened to Krypton (wouldn’t you be?!) to the point where is pretty much messes up parts of her life. Not to mention how vulnerable it really makes her. Watch it and you’ll see which part of the first season I’m on about! It’s also a really important part of it too, so best watch out for the tiny details!

The one thing I find incredibly funny though, is the back and forth between Kara’s friends and her personal relationship with her boss. Said boss is pretty damn funny too and has an import role in plenty of the episodes…in fact there are a lot of important bits in the series that you shouldn’t miss! The advantage to this is they don’t waffle on about unnecessary plotlines and really focus on the development of not just Supergirl, but the people that surround her too…whether it be a nasty villain wanting revenge to the good intentions of “normal” people. Everyone seems to have some development somewhere in the series. Just don’t get me started on the romantic interests!! That in itself can be both awkward AND hilarious.

Hey, just like our new hero!


I definitely think that any fans of Supergirl should give this show a try, even if you think you might not enjoy it…you may very well be surprised. Like most things I felt a little sceptical in the beginning but judging a book by its cover has done little but tell me I’m wrong on so many things I thought I wouldn’t like. For example…for a long time I refused to even watch Sucker Punch, always making excuse after excuse until I finally caved in. Honest to God now I wish I watched it earlier…it is such a good film with so many twists and turns that make you think more than you probably would like. So yeah, judging something before you’ve even seen it yourself…don’t bother. Watch it, play it, read it…and then make your judgement.



I’m a comic book reader/collector and one of the comics I read is Supergirl. I personally like it more than Superman because she has a greater connection with Krypton since she grew up there before being sent to Earth. She also has a different approach than her cousin Kal-El, she doesn’t work as solo as him but is more of a team player. When they showed some trailers on TV of it airing in a week I was thrilled to see it the next week. I’m thrilled about almost all comic book adaptions so that wasn’t a real challenge to be honest.

Like usual the series differs a bit from the original comic books, in the series she was younger when she was sent to earth and Superman found her at this young age. This leaves her with less Kryptonian heritage. One of them being the battle training all of them receive and the advanced science lessons. Instead she is raised on our little planet Earth longer and she gets a more human background with parents and a sister. This allows in storytelling for a richer background that plants her more firmly into our own planet and a bigger incentive to bond and help all the people she meets along the way. She also has a job in …. guess guess guess ….. wait for iiiit …. Journalism, yes sometimes it does feel like they wanted to just make Superman but realised it usually flops and they slapped a skirt on it instead.


All of that considered you might ask yourself “geez why do you even watch this travesty?”. So yea why do I? Why do I find this good? Well I keep watching this series because I think they portrayed some supervillains nicely and they don’t shy away from doing the full dress up be it ‘old school’ or modern rethought. They stay true to some comic book designs with characters like banshee and Martian Manhunter. They even had a crossover with the Flash and that showed there’s more of an interwoven universe in store for us with other series. I also like the humour in the series specially combined with a good punch to the face. I find it fun to also analyse some characters about which we don’t know the real comic identity, I managed to guess some characters before they revealed their superhero or supervillain names…and yeah I felt so proud of myself.

I’d say if you like reading comic books and you feel like watching something new then give this show a try. It might just be to your tasting if you’re not too attached on the little facts of the comic book ‘verse….Or hey it might be as simple for you as you are into skirts … flying in the sky … flapping about, I don’t know! Whatever floats your boat but don’t discard it before you’ve even seen it.


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