Joeri’s Corner – Journey


This game takes you on a discovery trough this dessert land where you have to solve puzzles to get through to the next part. If I say it like this it just sounds like any other puzzle game doesn’t it? Yet it isn’t just like the other puzzle games, this game is a little hidden gem brought to daylight when it was put on the playstation plus store as one of the free games of the month. What makes this game so beautiful you ask? There’s various elements that just nicely fit together right from the style of animation to the choice of music.

The game begins with you finding your character in a dessert, there are just basic explanations how you use the controller to operate your character. There’s no voice that commands you or tells you where to go and with minimal instructions you are dropped into the world where along the way you find out what you’re supposed to do all by yourself. This style gives you a very free feeling and opens a very relaxing game to you and there’s no stress involved in this game whatsoever. For me this game was overall a very relaxing experience as the game doesn’t feel like it’s rushing you or that you’re on a deadline and neither does it say go there NOW!

Through the game you’ll unlock some abilities you can use through the charging of the runes on your cloak and you can soon make higher jumps and unlock obstacles to continue on your way. You open up your way towards the end of each stage until you can do a meditate that’ll show you a cryptic vision of what is in store for you. The door to a new stage is then unlocked and you enter it finding a new set of tasks for you to perform. While you are on your journey through this world you will notice you aren’t alone, you can travel together with one other random player and together you can unlock the path ahead of you. Along the entirety of this journey you do not know the identity of your fellow traveller, at the end however you get to see the account name (in my case the PSN name a player chose).

There are some games that are brilliant in their simplicity and this is definitely one of those. Games are supposed to transport you to a world beyond our own  and give you an experience that you don’t find in your regular life. Journey manages to do this completely. It takes you away from what can be a stressful life and drop you in a soothing environment where you wander around and let go in all calmness.  Most games we play these days are often action packed and full of flashy visuals, this is their way of capturing us and transporting us to these fantasy worlds. Journey needs none of this because it’s not the style they run on. If I’m totally honest I am glad I encountered a game like this, a game that managed to drag me away from all the gun blazing and sword slashing worlds I usually find myself in. It is a different experience that I very much enjoyed and I’d recommend everyone else to at least try it out. I know this is a fairly short article but I think there’s a reason for that too, let the game speak for itself.


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