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Some of my most enjoyable memories have stemmed from my love of gaming, right from the very beginning when I first fished through my fathers PC for something to do. I grew up in a household that embraced the gaming life openly and both my parents were involved in either table top or computer games or both. So of course it’s only natural that I, being the curious child that I was, would eventually stumble across something on that trusty old PC of his. My journey into imagination started with Age of Empires, a classic real-time strategy game that set itself in our world history (and took us through in-depth stories of each country available in the game. The stories weren’t exact to ours, but they were immensely entertaining either way. On the other hand the other  game I stumbled upon in the same period was Unreal Tournament and a developing love for first person shooters began. I found these games to be rather relaxing and it really took me away from real life and the stress that came with being at school. These two really paved the way for my continuing adoration for games.


Over the years I’ve come across a myriad of different games from many different developers and one of my favourites out of them all is Bioware. They specialise in RPG based games that are laden heavily with lore and deep enthralling stories. One of the first games I’d purchased by Bioware was an old Dungeons and Dragons style classic, Neverwinter Nights and even now I still think it’s a brilliant game.

I understand that everyone has their own view on games and gaming in general and with these articles I just want to share my appreciation of my favourite developer, with an in-depth look at their games and my experiences with them.


Bioware, the company

Normally developers don’t really leave a mark on me. I buy a game, play it and enjoy it. Case closed. There was never one that really made me want to play every single game they’ve ever released… that is until I began my adventure in Neverwinter. The main focus of Bioware has always been to deliver rich and enticing games that are so full of content and story that it begs to be played again and again and again. They’ve released some of the most story driven games I’ve ever had the chance to play in my life so far and I just can’t get enough of them!

It all began back in time when a trio of friends decided to build and create something from the very things they shared a common love for. As most things do have a beginning, this one had its roots in one of their basements and from 1995 onwards, Bioware was born. There have been so many games released by the company…for starters their very first ever commercial game was Shattered Steel, which released in 1996. This is one of the few games I’ve not had the luxury to play so I can’t say very much, if anything at all, about it. I can admit however that I’ve only just started playing the original 1998 release of Baldur’s Gate…oh shame, shame on me for not playing it sooner. Even the classics do not disappoint! Where does the awesome end?!


I think at one point in the past I bought a game called Jade Dynasty and had absolutely no idea that the company that created it was the very same one that made me fall in love with Neverwinter Nights. I was a bit dumbfounded by that revelation and instead of brushing them aside, I began to look into the other games they had developed and released…and that’s when I stumbled upon Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that these games aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea…but Mass Effect set it all off for me. Out of all the games I’ve ever played I can honestly say it is my most favourite and I literally fan girl the shit out of news when they announce new ones. Honestly. Fucking…SQUEE.


Okay so enough of that…uh…stuff. Bioware is based mostly in Canada with two offices in Alberta and Quebec and one in the United States, Texas. In 2008 they were acquired by Electronic Arts and made part of their nifty little division. EA has never reaaaally been the best when it comes to releasing games. They’re either delayed or they force the developers to rush so they can get it out on time…which was the case with the last Mass Effect game, number 3. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the hell out of it…it’s just a bit sad really, because with a bit more time they could have finished it off properly instead of half arsed. It’s not the first time a company has had to rush something and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last.


Anywho. The next instalment for Deviate from Reality will be next month…and I’ll be going over my experiences playing Neverwinter Nights. Starting with the in-depth storyline that Bioware loves to explore in its collection of RPG games.


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