J&K Reviews – 9


What exactly is it about?

J&K: So let’s start with the genre. The animation is based on a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been completely wiped from existence because some dictator wanted to be the most powerful person alive. It all starts when a scientist is forced to create a machine in the name of progress – we’ve heard that one before, haven’t we? – and creates a robot that has advanced thinking…unfortunately these things never stay pure and innocent. The very same dictator who ordered him to create the machine soon sweeps it from under their feet and implants it in a “Fabrication Machine” which constructed war machines to destroy the dictators enemies. This very act causes the Fabrication Machine to become corrupted and instead of listening to the orders of humanity, it instead decides to exterminate all life on earth.

On the verge of pretty much total annihilation the scientist that created the thinking machine somehow manages to use alchemy to create nine homunculus-like rag dolls that each have a piece of his soul to become alive. They were created as a last ditch effort to destroy the Fabrication Machine once and for all. During the movie you see their journey unfold with a mix of sadness and happiness…but we won’t spoil the rest of it for you! You’ll have to watch it to find out the rest 😉

How did you find out about it?

J: I was Browsing through all the DVDs in the store and then I saw 9, I was immediately intrigued by the cover of the DVD and the simple title of the movie. It is then that I decided to buy it without knowing anything about it but expecting a lot out of it.

K: By accident, actually! This was one of those films I’d never even heard of until I saw it on TV back in the UK. I’d been looking for something to watch and found this little gem hidden beneath all the rubbish…majority of days there was literally fuck all on and I was pretty surprised when I did watch this. I find it a small and enjoyable movie…it was definitely something that hadn’t been done before or at least that I knew of.


What do you like about the movie?

J: It shows the emotions that makes up us humans trough these dolls, it also shows how pure intellect can be misused and everything can become a weapon if you warp it enough.  The movie is very nicely animated, the subtleness in how the dolls show emotions with the limited amount of expressions they can make is done brilliantly.

K: Each little ragdoll had their own personality that stemmed from their creator. It surprised me how well they portrayed one person’s different characteristics, bringing to life the little ragdolls with almost…I don’t know, lovable qualities? You start to feel for them in such a world.


Think anyone else would like it?

J: It is one of those “great things you never heard about”, I think many people would enjoy it, even though it is sometimes a little dark there is also a lot of wonder and hope in it. If you want to see something you haven’t seen yet and could possibly surprise you in a good way this one might just be it.

K: Of course I think anyone who enjoys Tim Burton style films will love this one just as much as any other of his creations. It’s really not for everyone because of its dark fantasy setting and for those who want a happy ending…well you won’t find flowers popping up out of nowhere and rainbows all of a sudden. The reality of the situation is that they are in a post-apocalyptic world where there is little to nothing left of life. It does end on a good note, though and I don’t want to really ruin the ending so I won’t say much more than that!


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