Popcorn Reviews – Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens


10 months… That’s long enough to ignore the newest instalment from one of the biggest film series of all time before talking about it to avoid any potential wrath from fans, right? No? Ah sod it, I have to do it some time.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… a director of a seventh movie copied the same formula from the first… which is technically the fourth.


Genius, really. J. J. Abrams and his team managed to salvage the disaster that was the prequels and bring Star Wars fans a movie that they had been crying out for for decades; the same movie that they had already seen a million times but with a few different actors, the same bad guys (albeit the head honchos have been switched), and another death star… although I think it would’ve been safe for Luke to assume that it was a moon this time. That thing is huuuuuge.

Now don’t get me wrong this movie is fantastic. But that is because Abrams didn’t take too many risks. Heck the biggest controversy I can remember from the build up to this movie was “Oh my god! The bad guy has a lightsaber that has a hilt! That’s soooo stupid!”. Not exactly something that is going to cause Abrams to have sleepless nights worrying about. But that is exactly what he needed to do; don’t take risks!


By not taking risks and creating a movie that was very similar to the original but just different enough for people to not call him out on it, he had a movie that was destined for success. Sure he made mistakes, or at least things that fans say are mistakes, but that’s going to happen with any movie as big and important to viewers as this.

But just for fun (and in no way criticising!) I want to do a quick list of things that off the top of my head I can think of that he copied and then either tweaked to fit his movie or just completely left the same from not only the original movie, but the original TRILOGY. I say off the top of my head because if I took the time to sit and really think then this would need be done over two articles at least! So! Here we go! Also SPOILERS! But come on, its been 10 months!


  1. Leia is leading a resistance against the Empire – Leia is leading a resistance against the new order
  2. A young boy on a desert world becomes the unlikely hero of the resistance and is revealed to be sensitive to the force – A young girl on a desert world becomes the unlikely hero of the resistance and is revealed to be sensitive to the force
  3. An evil man in a mask with a red lightsaber is working for a “master” to help them take over the galaxy. (exactly the same)
  4. An adorable little droid helps the main characters and quite often is the reason that they’re still alive. (exactly the same just one is ball-shaped and the other isn’t)
  5. A lovable scoundrel flying a ship called the millennium falcon is one of the key players in the destruction of the death star. (not only copied, but it’s the same character!)
  6. The evil man in a mask is related to one of the heroes (Abrams clearly doesn’t believe in suspense, he got this one out of the way real fast!)
  7. The evil man in a mask potentially still has good in him and said relative attempts to get it out and turn them back to the light side. (Han clearly isn’t as good at this as Luke is!)
  8. The young person from the desert planet goes off to seek a Jedi master long thought gone forever to train them in the ways of the force. (Long staaaaaaare! and CREDITS! Damn you Abrams!)


I think I’ll stop there. Like I said, I don’t want to go on too long with this and really even though I could criticise Abrams and his team for doing this, it would be wrong of me to do so. He made exactly what was needed for Star Wars to have its rebirth and be back on everyone’s minds for the next god knows how many years. So with that in mind I give Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens:


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