J&K Reviews – Suicide Squad


What’s it about?

Suicide Squad is based on its original counterpart in DC Comics and follows the adventures of an anti-hero team with exactly the same name. The group gets put together by a secret government agency (when do they not?!) that plans to use imprisoned super villains to do the dirty work that the regular operations wouldn’t touch with a ten foot long stick. The reward for saving just about everyone and everything? Leaner sentences while imprisoned. Without going into any spoilers the movie follows right after when Superman dies and the troubles that are going on in a society that recognises they are not the most powerful race out there.


What made you want to watch the movie?

J: I’ve read the comics from the moment DC started their new 52 line reboot, I like the entire anti-hero story part of it. So they announced a movie of it and it’s always fun to put it to comparison. Sometimes you also want to watch an action movie that just involves bad guys punching people in the face.

K: I’ve always been a massive fan of DC (don’t forget Marvel too!) and some of my favourite characters include Batman, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Joker. Though I’ve not read the comics to suicide squad yet, it was a must to see in the movie-verse. I was a little put off by what critics were saying, but I always make my own judgements as I’ve often found critics aren’t always in the right. In this case I made, personally, one of the best decisions as I freakin’ LOVED it.


What was your favourite part?

J: Harley Quinn + baseball bat = enough said.

K: Mmm. I always have a difficult time choosing a favourite part when there are already too many good moments to count. I just thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie from start to finish…although I really like how they introduced the team in the beginning and just what precautions they used to keep the unwilling heroes in check.


How is it appealing?

J: Some good needed relaxing violence and dark humour, just sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s basically just a bunch of bad guys that are sent in to punch someone silly. The movie is mainly there to be a stepping stone for the DC cinematic universe to be set up, but that doesn’t take away that you get to see some nice action.

K: It’s DC, how is it not appealing? I understand why some people may not have enjoyed the film that much or were overhyped with the whole Joker thing…but honestly, if you had any idea what Suicide Squad was you would know that the Joker has absolutely bollock all to do with it. For people like myself who were watching it for the actual squad and how the directors made them  then it was absolutely brilliant. I didn’t care much for the Joker, but I give them props for making another unique character that with enough time and development elsewhere…may very well be something special.


Would you recommend it?

J: If you want the entire DC tie in then definitely, and if you like the entire anti-hero vibe this is a nice ride for you.

K: Of course I would! I can’t say much else apart from just give it a shot and base your own opinion on it before listening to someone else’s judgement. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised!

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