Joeri’s Corner – Destiny : Rise Of Iron


Just recently on September 20th the new expansion for destiny released, Rise of iron, so as a regular Destiny player I just had to write about it as soon as possible. Before the expansion was launched I basically hit the proverbial roof of the game I had all 3 characters, 1 for each different class, at maximum level and the light rating also maxed out. I had several exotic weapons and each one of them was the same max light level. I still had my daily activities I had to perform and the team I play with still had to do several things I gladly helped with. In all honesty I didn’t think a lot would change for me gear wise and I’d thought I just had to upgrade the light rating I had on my current gear, do some story-mode quests and new strikes and raids…but oh boy oh boy was I wrong. Since the day the new expansion launched my entire gear set up just completely changed and I managed to unbalance my stats. Since then I haven’t yet managed to re-balance them  at all and it looks like it will still take me a good while before I get all this right again, does this bother me though? Not at all, it gives me motivation to tinker with it all again to try out what works best for me.


Of course they added more than just some higher light rating and new gear, they also added a new storyline that opened up a new area called the “Plaguelands”. They gave us a couple of new strikes and some vamped up strikes, a brand spanking new raid and all this inhabited by a new enemy… well basically old enemies that got a bit of an upgrade but they’re like ‘newish’ then. So let’s start with this new enemy… they’re called Splicers and they’re actually the Fallen that got their hands on a piece of dangerous nano-tech that got buried ages ago because it was too dangerous and out of control. They managed to mutate themselves into more powerful versions of themselves with the aid of this nano-tech called SIVA. They unleashed SIVA not only to change themselves but the entire area too and  you can see it literally ripping through the entire area, buildings demolished so new pathways and areas open up to you. The biggest new zone “Plaguelands”  offers you a variety of new patrols and a new open world event called the Archon’s forge where you have to battle a serious horde of enemies that stream in from all sides and give you a great challenge. Of course they don’t just push you in to get yourself shot in the ass, they give you some handy new tools to deal out some heavy blows so you can push these enemies back. Here’s a little 10 second clip of me using the axe during a WarSAT event.

They added a revamped strike of the Devil’s lair where you see a lot of recognisable elements but in a shiny new jacket and some new tactics added to make it a bit less of a plain aim and pull trigger, you now have to watch the mobs more and fetch yourselves the right tool to get his shield down. To be honest it does seem at first sight a bit lazy and cheap to just take an existing strike and just revamp it while every step is basically the same, from the doorway blocked with lasers where you have to fend off spawns while you open up the laser grid, from the tank standing in your way to the same floaty eye boss you have to poke in the eye to down and finish up. I even made a remark about thinking a tactic that failed them before and just hey we’ll try it again and maybe this time they won’t see it coming. For you who have played the old version you will recognise this clip of the revamped edition.

I will also leave you with this clip of the completely new strike they added where my teammates had lost their way at a certain point, lucky enough as they were they found me again so we could finish this up. Also note that their voices aren’t in any of the videos so you only hear my reactions so I’m not just talking to myself like some nutjob, and my voice… yea well I had a heavy cold going on so my already not so godly smooth voice ended up worse so don’t judge me too much.


They also gave the players a new social area called “the Temple of Iron”, a beautiful new area where you find all the NPCs you need. The new social area also includes a new type of challenge in this game, namely a jump puzzle challenge where you have to jump from rock to rock on the side of a cliff. When you make it all the way to the top there’s a reward waiting for you, that is if you don’t slide off in the middle of jumping and plummet to your death . There’s also bell ringing challenge where you not only have to figure out the right order of bells but also the right tempo. To unlock this area you first have to fight for it though trough the beginning of the story missions, once you unlock this area you can enjoy the nice mountain views and the temple to unlock the new iron lord artefacts.


The expansion also added new PVP components to the game, new maps and a new mode. This is the supremacy mode where you don’t just have to kill people, but the people you kill drop a crest and if you don’t pick up these crests you don’t get any points. So each crest gets you a kill point and a crest pick up point, until you reach 150points or the time runs out. If a member of your own team dies you can pick up the crest they dropped so the other team can’t and you deny them these points. This mode provides for a fast paced gameplay, you run in there sometimes not just gathering your own points but suicide run into their group to deny them their points. In trade your suicide run might give them the points of your dead but if it weighs out over what you denied it…it might be worth it. I personally like this sort of PVP more than the lame sit behind a corner waiting till someone runs in front of your scope.

They also added a new raid mode but sadly I have not yet been able to put in some first-hand experience so I can’t write about it. I can only say there’s some videos on YouTube you can find if you have a real urge to find out what the heck it is about.

All I can conclude is that the expansion opens up a whole new gamma of things to do, there’s even a handy completion book in your quest list of all the things you still need to do. The book itself also has completion ranks that on each rank gives a reward and some of the rewards are the new looks from the iron lords for your armour parts, those in itself can be modified to a second look that looks even more badass. To say I’m excited and motivated to delve more into this new opened up world for me might just be a small exaggeration. It’s still going to be a while before I get everything done and even discover everything there is to do, so for now you can find me in there trying to shove my sword in some big ass boss’s eye and smacking some players in the face with my open hand. I hope to maybe meet some of you on this battlefield.

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