J&K Reviews – The Hateful Eight


What’s it about?

J&K: The Hateful Eight is a Western mystery film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. There are a lot of people who either love or hate his movies (a bit like Marmite in the UK!) but this movie is absolutely brilliant. It had originally started as a sequel to Django Unchained (another brilliant movie, by the way) and received quite a lot of positive reviews. In the beginning of the movie you’re introduced to a couple of the main characters, bounty hunters to be specific, who are hauling their loads to the nearest town to get paid. Unfortunately following closely behind them is a rather terrible blizzard…and soon enough it begins to catch up on them. When they go to seek refuge in a stagecoach stopover they end up encountering others trying to take cover from the approaching storm, however it begins to unfold that these strangers are hiding from more than just a storm. Without going into too much detail, we can honestly say that this film is an absolutely brilliant mystery in itself.


What made you want to watch the movie?

J: It’s a Quentin Tarantino movie, he always manages to deliver something ‘special’, he finds ways to make you go “ow DAMN no”. Reservoir dogs, Jackie Brown and pulp fiction will always remain his classics that do it for me, almost everyone knows the one liner “I dare you to say WHAT again!”. He has a finesse to make the gore stuff somehow acceptable, even when he had Hitler shot in the face over and over again we all ate it with a smile, it was brutal but so satisfying at the same time. So him doing a spaghetti western what usually involves plenty of revolvers and flying bullets the odds were in the favour of some flying guts, how can you miss out on some of that.

K: I’ve not been a big fan of Tarantino’s films until some of his recent ones. I enjoyed them, yes, but they never struck me as anything more than just a film to watch. His recent films, however, have been something special and I’ve enjoyed each one thoroughly. There is a mix of dark humour, mystery and intrigue with them that have kept me wanting to see more and more. I’d have to say that he’s becoming quite a favourite…and it’s also made me appreciate some of his older works as well. The Hateful Eight was one of those movies I looked into and saw something great without needing to see the entire thing…I wasn’t disappointed either when I watched it. Like we said, Tarantino is either a love/hate relationship. Being able to take a step back with a bigger and better perspective made me realise just how much I enjoy his movies.


What was your favourite part of the movie?

J: I just liked the overall suspense of the movie, which he in the past didn’t really use that much, until he did that tavern scene in Inglorious Bastards. He also keeps that non-linear timeline style we’re so used to from him and add some carefree banter dialogue and we’re set to go.

K: Definitely has to be the ending. It really builds up to that final scene where everything fits into place. I love a good western AND mystery, so putting them both together was a bonus. I think you really begin to form a sort of relationship with the characters as you get to see more of them unfold throughout the movie…some of them you even end up saying “Well, okay…he really wasn’t all that bad in the end..” even though you see a lot of douche-y moments. There is a hell of a lot of character development in there and it’s just completely fulfilling to see it evolve  into that final scene. Tarantino has done an excellent job in making you want the characters you like to stay the fuck alive. It was still a shock in the end, but I really don’t think he could have done a better job than what he did.


How is it appealing?

J: If you’re into slower paced suspense stuff you can certainly appreciate this, you also have to be able to tolerate some descent amount of blood spilling. Tarantino basically takes you into an interactive guessing game where you have to pick the price behind the mystery door, you just don’t really actively interact just in your head a tad bit.

K: As I mentioned before I really like both western and mystery themes in both movies, series and even books and games. I can’t help but love the big bad cowboys and the thrill of a good chase in mystery investigations. Who doesn’t love suspense and intrigue?! One wonderful aspect of a good mystery is making the audience think hard about what the hell is going on and them throwing a curve ball to make them doubt everything they had thought previously. You can never get a good grasp of the situation until it’s close to closing curtains!


Would you recommend it?

J: For those who like gunslinger movies and like to be kept on the edge asking themselves “did I pick the right one? Did I? Did I?” I would recommend it. If you get grossed out by some guy’s innards being spread all over the floor then maybe this aint your kind of flick. If you’re really into Enio Moricone music this could have you all written over this. That music just makes you want to jump on a horse and ride into the sunset, even if you have never ridden one and would look more like a muppet riding it.

K: Yes! I definitely recommend this movie! Perhaps not to the people who don’t like Tarantino films, but definitely to those who love them but haven’t been able to seen this particular one yet. Even those who have never even heard of him (shame on you!) I suggest watching some of the ones he’s already released as well as this before making a complete decision…but this movie really is a wonderful addition to his ever-growing collection. The music that goes with it is also well put together.

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