Identity Gaming – Betrayal


If you’ve ever seen The Dark Knight Rises you may remember a line from that movie that goes something along the lines of “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.  Well video games can’t really become villains since they are just discs or bits of data floating around the internet but it is pretty common for a series to get so long that it does turn into nothing more than a steaming pile of shit and betrayal, here let me take you through some of the titles that did that.

Silent Hill


Silent Hill at one point was this masterfully written, beautifully put together horror series.   It was fun to play, had a ton of depth in its story and most important of all for a game in this genre, was actually scary.  There hasn’t been a single series of games that has managed to get under my skin as much as this before or since.  Silent Hill 4 was arguably supposed to be the last game in that series, after that Team Silent went onto different projects, it was done and, despite Silent Hill 4 being a little wonky, it was almost perfect.

But no, people couldn’t just leave it alone could they?  Thing started going downhill VERY rapidly with Silent Hill: Homecoming which played out more like Saw or Hostel than Silent Hill with people being brutally murdered in front of your eyes and blood and gore strewn about the screen.  Although before that we also got Origins which as basically Silent Hill: The Movie: The Game which missed the point of the original plot so hard it was as if it was written for another horror game series and had “Silent Hill” slapped on it by accident.  Oh and let’s not forget fucking Downpour and a plot line so bad and nonsensical that I could probably write something better with a feather pen and an inkwell filled with my own shit while I’m hungover and having brain surgery.

Then it got insultingly bad with the HD collection which involved a bunch of people changing a bunch of the content and giving a proverbial middle finger to the original development team while making 2 of the best games in the series borderline unplayable.  You can round that all off with Book of Memories which was the American team making a terrible Diablo clone and then stamping all over the plot line while screaming “YES THIS IS OUR GAME NOW!”.

Silent Hill is way beyond saving and it’s a shame that a series like this has to die with far more shit games than good ones.

Final Fantasy


Look at those bloody godawful twats that look like they belong in a Lous Vuiton catalogue rather than a Final Fantasy game.  This is a series that has really gone downhill since 9 or 10 (maybe 11 if MMOs are your thing).  12 was a shitty single player MMO with an unlikable cast, the 13 trilogy is a series of fan fiction games written by someone who belongs in a mental health ward rather than a game development office and 15 is just a bunch of poncy twats jumping around to Kingdom Hearts combat.

Granted, it hasn’t gone quite as downhill as much Silent Hill and all the games are still somewhat playable but Square Enix are doing their best to kick us in the gut with the boots of betrayal.  Just think about all those games that people consider to be the best ones (6, 7, 9) and how they are giving us exactly not that.  Instead of proper fantasy adventures we get these futuristic shit shows with real-time combat and characters that would make better stress toys and RPG protagonists.

It should speak volumes about how off the rails are series has got when you look at a completely unrelated title like Bravely Default and think “now why isn’t THIS FF15?”.  Not to mention that even fans of the older ones are getting shafted with a remake of 7 that is episodic and is almost completely unrecognisable mechanically from the original game we all knew and loved.

The best Final Fantasy game to come out in recent memory is Dissidia arcade and that should be a good indication of how shit the main series has got.


Here’s and example of a game that a lot of people liked that was rebooted and reintroduced to people who had never played the original.  This post is actually rather upsetting to type out so instead of going into too much detail, here are two screen shots that should spell it out for you.


This is just three off the top of my head but there are many more and you can mark my words that we will see many more casualties too.

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