J&K Reviews – Gods Of Egypt

J&K Reviews - Gods of Egypt 1

What’s it about?

J&K: As you can tell from the name, the movie is based on the old Egyptian Gods. It’s quite an interesting movie as it is told as if the Gods were alive and breathing. It follows the story of the Gods where Set, the brother of Osiris, tries to take over the Egyptian empire. Without going into too much detail (and to avoid spoilers), we follow a mortal man who teams up with Horus to save the world from Set and his minions whilst continuously fighting to save his loved one. From what we understand it also loosely follows some of the original history of the gods depicted in the Hieroglyphs found in Egypt over the years.

J&K Reviews - Gods of Egypt 3

What made you want to watch the movie?

J: Well Kelly was in Japan and I was left at home just minding my own business until my mother asked me to go watch this movie with her in the cinema, since she really didn’t feel like going all by herself. I wasn’t against the idea of joining her, mainly thanks to the luring promise of a free bucket of popcorn coming my way, but there was a specific movie she wanted to watch and it wasn’t going to be any other one.  So yes I got my free popcorn, also made a mother happy that day.

K: I absolutely love ancient Egyptian mythology and history. I’ve always been fascinated by the Egyptian Gods and their individual roles in Egypt at the time. Ironically the two of my favourite (taking role and power into consideration) Gods, Anubis and Horus, are present within the movie. Of course I had to do a little squeal when I realised. It’s really lovely to see what they did with the movie and I really think it’s one of those little gems that people tend to overlook.

J&K Reviews - Gods of Egypt 2

What was your favourite part of the movie?

J: Jaime mothereffing Lannister got his eyes pulled out! Yes they actor (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) Who plays Horus also stars in Game of Thrones and he got another role involving missing body parts.

K: Argggghhhh!! Too much! I really love the mix of humour and seriousness they put into the main characters. If I had to choose a favourite part, I suppose when Anubis first appears. It’s a very significant moment that ancient Egyptians believed would happen to them when they died. After walking through the realm of the dead, you would have been judged at the end of the journey by Ma’at to see if you were worthy of everlasting life in the afterlife. Like I said, it’s really difficult to choose because there are so many good parts…the entire movie is just a big favourite.

J&K Reviews - Gods of Egypt 4

How is it appealing?

J: It has some interesting mythological background from ancient Egypt, they actually managed to put in some correct information like Osiris being ripped into 14 pieces and scattered all over. If you enjoy some flashy interpretation of myths and religion, with some fast chase and battle scenes this could be to your appeal.

K: As I mentioned before It has a lot of ancient Egyptian mythology present and quite a lot of action fiddled in there too. I originally thought it would be quite a serious film…but the main mortal character has a charm and humour that really breaks up all the parts into enjoyable pieces. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if there wasn’t any humour in there. It’s quite an appealing aspect of the movie…along with the mash of different actors playing the roles of the Gods.

J&K Reviews - Gods of Egypt 5

Would you recommend it?

J: I would recommend it for an evening of mindless screen gazing enjoyment, this movie is good for the type of movie it is namely a high budget action packed hero finds the right way after being a foolish son and must avenge dead daddy now that he’s been banished by evil family member. Wait this sounds familiar, ow yes it’s a Thor kind of movie just with a golden jacket and some palm trees. It’s still enjoyable and a good way to spend an evening with your loved one watching something…after all not every movie has to be a cinematic art performance to be able to enjoy it, it’s an action movie you sit your ass down and just enjoy the ride.

K: Certainly a movie to watch for anyone, not just mythology nuts! I said it was a little gem that people tend to overlook and it’s true…it’s like judging a book by its cover. You won’t be able to tell if it’s a good movie until you watch it yourself. I recommend people at least try it before they make their own judgements…you may very well be pleasantly surprised!

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