Popcorn Reviews – Wallace & Gromit : A Grand Day Out

Popcorn Reviews - Wallace & Gromit A Grand Day Out 1

In 1989 a true gem, and future British classic, came into our world; Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day out. This movie, despite its short length, was so well received that it instantly secured its creator a place in animation history.

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Wallace & Gromit were created by Nick Park, who had started making a name for himself in animation, but had yet to have a smash hit. After six years of stop motion animation and Nick Park doing the vast majority of the work by himself, the movie released to overwhelming praise.

For those of you that don’t know the movie, I will quickly summarize the plot:

Popcorn Reviews - Wallace & Gromit A Grand Day Out 2

Wallace & Gromit are at home planning where to go on their bank holiday (for the non-British people, a bank holiday means we have Monday off work/school as a holiday, so we get a 3-day weekend). After much reading they decide to have some tea with cheese and crackers (as you do) only to discover that they are out of cheese! After a few bites of some dry, cheeseless crackers Wallace has the bright idea of going to the moon, because “everyone knows the moon’s made of cheese” and so their adventure begins.

Sound ridiculous? Good. That’s the point. The beauty of this movie, and the movies that followed, is to be a bit of good old silly fun, and it works like a charm. There is never a dull moment, and even the moments of suspense that are dotted throughout the movie still leave you laughing at the end. For a glimpse at the silliness, check out the part where they are building the rocket:

That’s what this movie is. It’s fun. It never takes itself seriously, and even though there is very little dialogue (what with Wallace being the only one capable of talking) it delivers everything you need to know through an extremely well written script. Even though Nick Park had to make the movie short due to the sheer amount of time it took to make (6 years for god sake!) it still delivers everything it needs to in that short amount of time. That’s not something a lot of feature-length movies can boast. Granted it hasn’t aged perfectly, but that doesn’t really effect the enjoyment you get from watching the film.

Popcorn Reviews - Wallace & Gromit A Grand Day Out 6

If you want something that you can enjoy with the kids, or even by yourself, then this is an extremely good choice. It is such good fun, with a fantastic script, that you just can’t help but enjoy yourself, and to be honest, you enjoy yourself so much that it feels like a feature-length film.

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