Flashback Zone – Crash Bandicoot 2 : Cortex Strikes Back

Editor’s Note: Read the Crash Bandicoot 1 review here

Flashback Zone - Crash Bandicoot 2 1

Well let’s keep the ball rolling with our Crash Bandicoot tribute articles with Crash Bandcioot 2: Cortex Strikes Back! The second instalment was very impressively released just one year after the original. Now if you’re thinking “well this is clearly going to be a bad game if it was released so soon after the previous one” I would say that your logic is sound, but Naughty Dog, it seems, doesn’t follow logic. Why? Because this game is a massive improvement to the original.

Flashback Zone - Crash Bandicoot 2 2

In Crash 2 we replace the islands with warp rooms, with are much prettier to look at, are themed according to their levels, and all include save points! Yes that’s right, no more searching for bonus round tokens for us! This is already a big improvement, not to mention the cleaned up graphics and controls. Crash is immeasurably easier to control in this game, and this in turn makes it much easier to play.

Not only that but we are treated to four fantastic bosses, who are all as unique as the previous game’s. What’s more impressive about these bosses is that only one was actually in the original, Ripper Roo. You would think that with such a limited amount of time to make this game they might have cut corners with something like the bosses by just having them the same as last time. But no, they took the time to make new ones that are just as memorable. Although I do have to admit that Ripper Roo is basically the same fight as the first game, with just a few differences in his attack.


But how about the levels? Well the levels are much more varied and all require their own style of play. From the sewer levels where you have to be careful not to be electrocuted by loose wires hanging in the water, to the amazing Jet pack levels where you control Crash as he flies his way through, to the underwater levels where you never to keep steady control of Crash to make sure he doesn’t swim or float into sharks or mines.

Flashback Zone - Crash Bandicoot 2 7

Without a doubt, Crash 2 was a massive improvement to the original. From its easier controls, its better graphics, better level design, even Crash’s little victory dance animations. Put all of these together and you’ve got yourself a sequel to be proud of.

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