Identity Gaming – HD Remakes And Remasters

Identity Gaming - HD Remakes and Remasters 1

One of the things that people at E3 2016 were particularly excited for was Crash Bandicoot for PS4.  The way I understand it the title will feature the 3 original Crash games from the PS1 but the graphics will be done up and made all fancy.  The idea of remaking or remastering something isn’t something new to gaming, we’ve been doing it for almost as long as gaming has been a thing but it’s become a trend that has started to piss me off a little.

So way back when, remakes were barely a thing and when one did come out it was sort of a big deal.  I remember back when I was just a wee lad and I received a SNES for my birthday and the game I was given with it was in fact, a remake

Identity Gaming - HD Remakes and Remasters 2

Super Mario All Stars for the Super Nintendo was a collection of all the main line Mario games available at the time but it had a few interesting features that set it aside from just being a graphical overhaul of the original games.  First, it featured Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, which was the true Super Mario Bros 2.  In Japan this game was deemed too hard and a game called Yume Koujyo Doki Doki Panic (夢工場ドキドキパニック)was re purposed as the western release.  As a funny side note, Doki Doki was actually a Famicom disk system game and that system wasn’t massively popular, so the western Mario 2 was later released in Japan as “Super Mario USA”, just in case you had any doubts about the Japanese thinking that westerners suck at games at the time (that mindset might be discussed another time).  Not only that though but it also came with Super Mario World, which was the latest Mario release at the time and therefore made this little remake package highly sought after.  You could get every main Mario game, an unreleased Japanese sequel AND the latest iteration in the series?!  Sign us up that was awesome!

Another great remake that springs to mind is Resident Evil for the Gamecube, dubbed by fans as REMake

Identity Gaming - HD Remakes and Remasters 3

While later Gamecube releases of Resident Evil 2 and 3 would just be straight ports with no improvements, Resident Evil 1 got some really good treatment.  Overhauled graphics, extra features, new areas and a new boss just to name a few things.  The game looked incredible and played really well, it was actually a real treat to put that in the system for the first time and be greeted by all that re-made glory.  But these are the good remakes, the remakes that are revered by gamers for good reason, but then there’s the ones that I mentioned before that piss me off.

Identity Gaming - HD Remakes and Remasters 4

There’s a weird habit right now of remaking games that were released not all that long ago.  For example my jaw fucking dropped at the announcement of The Last of Us HD Edition.  Not that there’s anything wrong with TloU, the game is fine, but it was released on a last gen system and now they are remaking it?!  At the time that game was released, most people still had their PS3s, there wasn’t any need for that remake to exist other than trying to con people into buying the game twice.  From what I can tell as well the game doesn’t really boast anything other that improved graphics and comes bundled with the DLC.

Other remakes for things such as Devil May Cry, God of War, and Zone of the Enders pisses me off a little bit because these are PS2 games, they aren’t even that old, you could in fact go to a store and find these games for the original system for considerably less money.  For example, the Devil May Cry games at my local used book store are about £1 or £2 each but the HD collection for PS3 costs like £25.  Unless you’re one of these weirdos that sells their old systems then why the fuck would you want to spend out the arse for an “HD” version when the games look just fine and you can play them for much cheaper.

The reason remakes like this tick me off is the same reason that reboots and remakes in the movie industry ticks people off.  It feels like people are running out of ideas and that they would rather spend their time remaking or rebooting a safe bet rather than trying to come up with something new or interesting.  I don’t WANT to play fucking Crash Bandicoot again, if I did I’d go dig out my PS1 and play fucking Crash again, how about developing some kind of new platformer for me to enjoy.  Same for this FF7 remake, I can play that any time I want on PS1 or PC, instead of wasting time with that, how about making FFXV not look like complete shit?!

These recent remakes, while annoying and are indicative of cash grabbing, creative bankruptcy, there is one more breed of remake that pisses me off more than that.

Identity Gaming - HD Remakes and Remasters 5

This is a case of a remake but you can put a whole ton of reboots into this category as well.  They go into a beloved game, start changing shit around and then the final product gets released and it’s so bloody awful that it becomes a chore to play.  Silent Hill HD is an example of a remake that does this with its terrible porting, bad graphics and glitches and the subtle creative changes that spit in the face of the original development team and it’s just generally a title that should have never seen the light of day.

One more example of this for me would be DmC: Devil May Cry.  An absolutely pointless reboot of a much beloved which took all the skill and style out of the gameplay and made the character of Dante a horrible, unlikable sack of shit that I hope to never have the displeasure of seeing again in any kind of sequel.  The game wasn’t awful but it pales in comparison to the glory that was DMC 1,3 and 4.  If it was its own game, I wouldn’t be so mad about it but the fact that they slapped that brand on a sub-par character action game in order to make sales should be good indication that they weren’t confident in the title being able to sell based on its own merit.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who are going to argue with me things like “uhh well I never owned that” or “I didn’t have that system”.  That’s not an excuse, there is no need to ruin perfectly good games because you were too lazy or too poor to play them at the time.  Go and pick up the old system for cheap and broaden your horizon.  When we start living in an age where all remakes can meet the standards of All Stars, REMake or Persona 4 Golden then I’ll stop complaining but as of right now, remakes are bullshit.

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