J&K Reviews – Lucy

J&K Reviews - Lucy 1

What’s it about?

J&K: This is probably one of the most interesting movies we’d ever had chance to see so far. The movie is focused on a woman named Lucy, who by a stroke of sheer bad luck finds herself being tricked by her boyfriend into working for a Korean mob boss in Taipei. Her job is to transport a new type of drug, fictional by the way, which was unfortunately placed inside her stomach through illegal surgery. It just didn’t’ seem like it was her day at all because one of the men, after not getting his way, attacks her. This in turn causes the bag within her to split and cause the drug to enter her system. The idea of the film seems to come from the concept of how humans don’t even use more than 10% of their brains because we are unable to tap into that percentage.

As we follow Lucy through her journey, we see her start to tap into more and more of her brain…accessing things we thought impossible and defying all odds that are stacked against her. Through just one kick in the gut at the wrong moment, she is able to open up a world full of possibility…utilising her brain more efficiently than anyone ever before.

J&K Reviews - Lucy 5

What made you want to watch it?

J: It was my mother’s birthday so she could pick the movie and we agreed on something the entire family could enjoy. The entire concept seemed interesting, exploring the human brain and some action spectacle. It’s a good thing Morgan Freeman is in there to lend his smooth voice to explain everything (because every time he explains something…he gains a new freckle. Whoever knows where that’s from can reward him or herself with a cookie.)

K: The concept is incredibly interesting and one that has always fascinated me. Anything to do with the human brain is fascinating because it is a part of us…growing, developing, building…we are intelligent, yes, but how much do we know about our own brain? How much do we not know? Maybe not everyone will appreciate the science behind the movie (and that is what it is, a movie) but I can definitely say it will make you think for a long while afterwards.

J&K Reviews - Lucy 6

How is the movie appealing?

J: The movie has a nice pace and manages to drag you along for the ride, sometimes they give you the feeling you are put into a rollercoaster ride even. I found that this movie actually had some resemblance to the animation movie Akira, it also went over the entire human evolution and the possibilities of the human brain. The fact that they made God, or what you can interpret as it, a female is a nice twist and then the connection they made to primate Lucy and transferred that spark between the Lucy’s. In a not so direct way that is quite funny to me, they kind of say “you’re all wrong! Yet … you’re all right!” It’s a good start of a decent debate amongst friends and possibly maybe a good reason to move away from those you never really liked to begin with.

K: As I mentioned above, I love learning about the human brain. I also love science in general so this was quite a lovely movie to be able to watch. You have to admit though…any movie with Morgan Freeman in is just awesome by default! I really like how they developed the film…from the very first moment the drug entered Lucy’s system until the very end.

J&K Reviews - Lucy 4

Would you recommend it?

J: It is a good watch, and I think you should see it at least once. It is not the kind of movie you watch over and over in my opinion, it’s that once in a while kind of thing. Not to say that those movies aren’t as good, since there’s many great movies that rank high in my ratings but that I wouldn’t watch an endless amount of times. I would watch Guardians of the Galaxy tons of times and I love the movie because it entertains me, then there’s movies like Vertigo (directed by Hitchcock, if you ever want to look it up) that is just perfectly made and is a prime example of how a movie should be directed, yet I wouldn’t keep popping that DVD in the player time after time. Lucy is one of those movies that I like but the DVD wouldn’t show a lot of wear and tear.

K: Of course I recommend this movie mostly to the people who love science fiction and Morgan Freeman. His voice is just so damn addictive! But…I also think those who have yet to even give the movie a shot should also watch this, even those who aren’t exactly science fiction fans. You may very well end up surprised! Don’t forget there is some pretty awesome action in there too…it’s not all boring science-y stuff. It fits rather well together.

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