Thumb Twiddlers – Dungeon Gems

Thumb Twiddlers - Dungeon Gems 1

Anyone who has ever played mobile games knows that one of the most popular types of mobile game is puzzle games. We’re talking the likes of Candy Crush, Bejeweled, you know the ones. Normally I’m not a fan. In fact to this day I’ve never touched Candy Crush just because of the ridiculous number of “what’s his face invites you to play Candy Crush” I get on Facebook. However, this game piqued my interest.

Dungeon Gems is a tile matching game like all the others, but where it differs is its setting. It’s attempting to be a dungeon crawling game where you fight your way through enemies with your team of heroes towards the end goal of collecting great riches.

You begin the game where you choose one of three heroes. This might seem like a tough choice but to be honest it doesn’t really effect your game, and you can get the other two as you progress further into the game.

Each dungeon follows the same pattern; first you choose an ally from a list of other players’ main hero, then you progress your way through the dungeon battling enemies and a final boss. When you complete the level you gain experience, gold, and new heroes to use. This might seem repetitive but it works well.

Without a doubt the most impressive thing about this game is the gigantic list of heroes you can use, all of which have their own unique designs, abilities, and uses. Here are just a handful of them, from the basic to the powerhouses:

Now what really makes this game interesting is how they put the heroes to use outside of the dungeons. You are only allowed to have 5 man teams so obviously you’re going to have a lot of heroes that you don’t want just laying around. If you have a hero you don’t want, you can spend some gold and use them to level up the heroes that you do use.

On top of this, once your hero reaches maximum level, they can potentially evolve into an even stronger hero, providing it has the ability to do so and you have the heroes required to sacrifice to do so.

There are even heroes that are specifically just for using to evolve other heroes, or provide super experience compared to others, or give you a tonne of money if you sell them.

On top of the extensive attention to detail on the heroes, throw in a ridiculously high number of levels, daily and weekly unique dungeons and competitions that punish you if you try the harder ones too soon, daily rewards and rewards for progression, easy ways to get more powerful heroes where you don’t have to pay for the right to use (although the option is there), and some very nice animations, and this game is a great game to play. Sure they put in the pay walls where you have to pay to keep going when your energy bar runs out or wait ages for you energy to return, but honestly it is still fun to play and it doesn’t feel like they’re stopping you from playing for too long (unlike people like Candy Crush that make you wait literally days to unlock the next levels!). The biggest negative of this game though is that you must have an internet connection at all times. This to me is a silly thing to do, but it is by no means the first mobile game to do this.

If you love puzzle games, or even if you’ve been avoiding them like the plague, I would definitely recommend playing this one.

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