J&K Reviews – Serenity

J&K Reviews - Serenity 1

Finally we’re on the last of this months themed articles. It couldn’t be helped…Firefly is just that awesome it just HAS to have an entire month dedicated to it!

Editors note: Read J&K Reviews’ Firefly article here and Tabletop Time’s Firefly: The Board Game here.

What’s it about?

J&K: Serenity is basically the knot that ties the ends of the TV series together and “finishes” off the story originally told by the TV series. It starts at the end of the last episode from the show  and  delves deeper into the Tam siblings, especially River, whilst uncovering the reason why the ‘Verse is plagued by “creatures” called Reavers. A couple of the crew are split up in the beginning, with the character Shephard tending to a new flock of people and Inara now no longer an inhabitant of the vessel Serenity.

Things are not as simple as they seem and the crew, after rescuing Inara from an Alliance official called “The Operative”, begin their journey to uncover the secrets behind the Reavers and how they came to be. With help from an unlikely suspect they find the truth, all the while fighting for their lives against the Reavers and the Alliance. Not every story has a happy ending…

J&K Reviews - Serenity 2

What made you want to watch it?

J: After watching the series you really want to know what happens, how they decide to wrap it up as a series. Sadly the wrap up came a bit too soon and it had to be all bunched up in one movie, and because of that some questions still remain unanswered.  You always feel a bit like one of those dogs tied to poles on lonely dusty roads when they leave you behind with all these questions that remain open. But, they did what they could with this limited screen time and give you a satisfying finish.

K: Of course it being the tie off to the series, I just had to watch it. Firefly will always be an epic series and I really wish that FOX had given them more time to pump out more seasons so the story could have evolved better. I love Serenity, don’t get me wrong…but it seems rushed. Everything they wanted to put in the series, they had to stuff in a 2 hour movie instead. It answers plenty of questions, however it leaves just as many behind. The phrase “If only…” seems quite appropriate here.

On the other hand there are plenty of graphic novels focused on Firefly to expand on the missing information and story that would have been explained had they had the chance. If you’re into comics, then look out for them…Shephard’s story is certainly not what I expected!

J&K Reviews - Serenity 6

How is the movie appealing?

J: It’s a part of firefly and for most fans that’s appeal enough really. It has humour, action and manages to connect to people in some way. It has all the characters you managed to empathise with for that one full season and of course you want to know how they ended up and why they do what they do. They even managed to put in some new characters that help further the story you want to see wrapped up.  If all of that isn’t enough –gunslingers in space!–  it’s space science-fiction meets western outlaw story. 

K: Space western. Plain and simple. Never mind everything else in this case, I absolutely love the idea of space westerns. I love the concept they came up with for the series and continued with the movie. Sci-fi will always be on my top 3 list!

J&K Reviews - Serenity 3

Would you recommend it to anyone?

J: I would, since it is just a good movie that has a nice build up and makes you roll into that western styled universe of theirs. They manage to drag you in and make you root for the underdogs trying to take on the giant that is the government. It also helps if you’re into witty Nathan Fillion played characters… he just has a way of making normal things sounds so whimsically funny.

K: Most definitely! I think a lot of fans would appreciate this, both old and new. Yes okay it feels rushed…but you can’t help but love it anyway. At least that’s what I think! Anyone interested in space westerns and science fiction should start with the series first and then watch the movie. Of course you can watch it as a stand-alone if you wish…but you’ll miss out!

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