GitRant – 15 Movie Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Bore your mates to tears at the pub with your extensive knowledge of film industry trivia! Number 10 is INCREDIBLE!

Are you ready? Here we go!


1. Matt Damon is waterblind. He usually avoids this issue by taking jobs on predominantly land-locked movies. However, production on “Saving Private Ryan” had to be halted several times so he could be repeatedly stopped from stumbling into small streams, ditches and rivers.

2. The real reason David Prowse`s voice was replaced by James Earl Jones as Darth Vader was because Prowse had an irritating habit of saying “I`m gonna respect some bumpcicles” whenever he delivered a particularly aggressive line.

3. Bob Hoskins got into character for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” by pretending to be a deranged old thespian slowly being driven crazy by cartoon animals only he could see.

GitRant - 15 Facts You Didn't Know 2

4. Marlon Brando`s puffed-out cheeks in “The Godfather” are in fact two live hamsters named Asquith and Nugent, lodged in each cheek. It was assumed that both hamsters were female until small, pink, hairless baby hamsters came squirming out of Brando`s nostrils, ruining the first take of the “I`ll make him an offer he can`t refuse” scene.

5. Tom Hanks fiercely campaigned during pre-production that his character in “Toy Story” should be called “Ted Foam”.

6. James Stewart took a short break from movies to adjust to colour film. Embarrassingly, in the first test shots for “Rear Window”, he still showed up black and white. His doctor advised a diet of Rainbow Drops, and luckily he was colour by the time production started.

GitRant - 15 Facts You Didn't Know 1 (2)

7. Harrison Ford is named after the popular UK car, the Ford Harrison. Legend has it he was in fact conceived on the back seat of an early model. Harrison Ford`s personal Ford Harrison was due to appear in a chase sequence in “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, but Harrison Ford got the shits so he just shot it instead.

8. Director Brett Ratner admitted in his biography that he was mistaken for the director of “Rush Hour” after he wandered onto the set looking for an escaped Koala he was intending to buggerize. He hasn`t looked back since. He never did find the Koala though, he adds wistfully.

9. Jeanette Goldstein, Pvt Vazquez from “Aliens”, got her wires crossed when attending the interview for the character. She arrived wearing plastic antennae which she had stolen from a wheelchair-bound street urchin outside, and strutted around the room making “beep-beep” noises. This amused director James Cameron, who had his arm up an elk at the time.

10. Rick Moranis has killed.

GitRant - 15 Facts You Didn't Know 3

11. The original script of “Four Weddings And A Funeral” was just the stage direction; “A TROUSER-LESS RICHARD CURTIS FARTS DIRECTLY TO CAMERA while a CRYING HUGH GRANT WRITHES IN A TIN BATH FULL OF BAKED BEANS and REPEATEDLY STRIKES HIMSELF ABOUT THE HEAD with a RUSTY PAN”, for 130 pages. Furious studio bosses demanded rewrites, and it was later reduced to around 20 pages. That didn’t stop Curtis trying it again with “Notting Hill” and “Love Actually” though.

12. Since around the year 2000, Tim Robbins has been entirely computer generated. In “The Shawshank Redemption” however, he was a mix of CGI and a fully animatronic prop. The eagle eyed viewer can spot the difference – close-ups or upper-body-shots are the animatronic Robbins, while wide shots or shots with free movement (eg crawling through the sewer), tend to be the CGI Robbins.

13. Director Joseph McGinty Nichol of “Charlie`s Angels” and “Terminator Salvation” fame, chose to go by the professional moniker “McG” because, short of publicly murdering cripples with bricks, he felt it was the easiest way to let people know what a massive foghorning wankbubble he is.

14. Keanu Reeves is completely 2D and therefore unable to appear in most modern 3D movies without a lengthy and expensive conversion process. Consequently he has filled his twilight years with appearances in a series of lithographs and screen prints.

GitRant - 15 Facts You Didn't Know 4

15. George Clooney’s badgerphobia is an open industry secret. During the filming of “Batman And Robin”, Joel Schumacher recalls turning a blind eye to large crates of the animal which would be delivered to Clooney’s trailer so he could dress them in superhero costumes and launch them into ceiling fans with a complex catapult system.

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