Thumb Twiddlers – Minecraft

Thumb Twiddlers - Minecraft 1

Every gamer alive knows this game. They also know it’s extremely popular. Love it or hate it, everyone knows about the success of Minecraft… but do they know the full extent of its success?

A recent statistic just came out to tell the world that as of this year Minecraft has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. You heard right, 100 million. But how? How is this possible? Well let’s look at this image they posted along with the news:

Thumb Twiddlers - Minecraft 2

As you can see they are doing well over every gaming platform. It’s selling well over PC, consoles, and mobile. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish and is highly commendable, but the question still persists as to how?

Well, it’s simple really. Minecraft is not just selling well over every platform, but also over every age demographic as well. You’ve seen the flood of channels of YouTube of all the gamers focusing solely on Minecraft gameplays. Did you ever notice that they’re all varying ages as well? Well I did, and that’s the key to their success.

Thumb Twiddlers - Minecraft 5

As much as this may shock you, writing articles about games is not my day job (shock and horror, right?). My day job is actually an English teacher. I teach people around the world how to speak English, and its through this that I’ve seen just how far Minecraft’s reach is. Whenever I start a new class with new students its my job to determine how much English they already know and can use. I ask them questions, they answer, nothing ground breaking. But here’s the thing, there’s one word that I know that they will respond to each and every time without fail: Minecraft.

I have yet to meet any student under the age of 30 that does not know what Minecraft is. Its incredible. Hell, they play it on their phones while they wait for class to start. They even gossip about it in class, when they should be learning the past perfect continuous (although I can’t really blame them for that one!).

Thumb Twiddlers - Minecraft 3

But why is everyone so obsessed with it? Well, because it is such an easy game to play and learn, and on top of that it can produce highly impressive results when you dedicate some time to learning its mechanics. Its an easy gateway into the world of gaming that isn’t overwhelming to inexperienced players.

Love it or hate it, Minecraft is taking over the gaming world but its also bringing thousands upon thousands of new people into the world of gaming, and that is always a fantastic thing.

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