Flashback Zone – 3 Games I Never Finished

We all have games that we never finished. Be it from not enjoying the game, not having enough time, being to bad at it to progress, whatever. I’m no different (if you’ve read my Star Ocean: The Last Hope you will know this very well!) But there are some games that I really regret not getting the satisfaction of finishing. So here’s my list of games I played in my youth that to this day I regret not completing the most.

Flashback Zone - Games I Never Finished 1

1. Sonic The Hedgehog

loved this game. Before I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Gameboy or a PlayStation, the Sega Megadrive was my first games console, and this was without a doubt the best game I had on it. I remember spending hundreds of hours of my youth on this game. It was challenging and yet not overwhelming to my novice younger self.

So why, if I loved this game so much, did I never complete it? Well, unlike the rest of the list, this one was not entirely my fault. You see the Sega Megadrive, as fantastic a system as it was, existed before the creation of saving your progress. That’s right people under the age of 20 that just recoiled in horror! NO SAVING. That meant that any time I lost all my lives it was back to the beginning I went! On top of that, if I turned off the console then all my progress would be lost, and here is where I had the issue.

Flashback Zone - Games I Never Finished 2

You see, my parents, being sensible adults and all that rubbish, didn’t want to waste electricity and rack up a huge bill every month. So, if I was not on the Megadrive at the moment one of them saw it turned on then *click* bye bye hours of progress. For this reason alone I will always feel a pang of sorrow for never completing Sonic The Hedgehog.

Flashback Zone - Games I Never Finished 3

2. Final Fantasy VII

Oh I can feel the backlash I’m gonna get for this one from people. “What do you mean you never completed Final Fantasy VII?! It’s a classic!” But the thing is, that’s exactly it. It’s a classic, and that means that it’s old, and with age comes issues. I didn’t get my hands on a copy of Final Fantasy VII until we were comfortably into double digits with Final Fantasy games and, as a result, found it incredibly hard to get sucked into the world of VII due to the lack of connection. The vast majority of people that love this game do so because they played it if not immediately then very soon after it released. To them (and there are a gigantic number of them) this is the game of their childhood. But not me.

In no way at all am I saying that this is a bad game. While playing I absolutely how at the time this game was such a phenomenal success. But sadly I waited too long and as such didn’t feel the same rush and connection that most others felt, and just couldn’t keep going with such a long game just for the sake of saying I had finished it. My regret for this game is that I didn’t get and complete it when it was still a new game, if I had, I have no doubt that it would have been one of my favorites. Maybe i’ll try and complete it in the future… I don’t know.

Flashback Zone - Games I Never Finished 4

3. Super Mario Bros.

This one I feel is entirely my fault. It’s not like Nintendo didn’t give me enough chances to complete this game. I mean it’s been released and re-released on eight different systems, six of which I have owned at some point in time. So why? Why is this goliath of a game on my list of games that I haven’t completed. In many ways this is much worse than not finishing Final Fantasy VII.

Put simply, I couldn’t be bothered. I don’t know what it is about this game. It is a very impressive game (and rightly so). It is a legend of the industry. There isn’t a gamer alive that doesn’t know its theme music. But the fact of the matter is, it’s just too repetitive. Almost every level to me felt like exactly the same as the last. Yeah they mixed things up between worlds by changing enemies and backgrounds. But it all just felt far too similar, and as a result I always get bored quickly. I know people will argue with me about this, and I completely understand why they would, but that’s just my personal opinion and nobody has ever been able to convince me otherwise. I do regret not finishing this game. but to be honest, this is the game of the three that I have the least regret for not completing.

Flashback Zone - Games I Never Finished 5

How about you? What games have you never gotten around to completing that you regret not doing so?

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