J&K Reviews – Firefly

J&K Reviews - Firefly 1

How did you get into it?

J: I had seen it a few times when it was airing on TV, just a loose episode or two and I did really like it but never got around to buying it on DVD to see the full one season. When Kelly mentioned she had it on DVD we watched it and I finally managed to watch the full series, however short they made it.

K: I can’t quite remember how I got into it because all I remember was watching the first episode and falling in love with it. It was instant love, no ifs and buts. Probably first saw it back when I was studying…at home I think? I haven’t a clue now. I know it interested me because of the theme…the combination of western sort of cowboys in space was all it took…I mean, who doesn’t love a good stand-off in the middle of a ship floating in the ‘Verse?!

J&K Reviews - Firefly 2

What’s it about?

J&K: The show follows the lives of the renegade crew of the Serenity, a Firefly-class space ship. Some of these people fought on the losing side of a civil war and now struggle to make a living through both legal and illegal job contracts. They live on the fringe of society as part of the pioneer culture that exists on the very edges of their star system. The last remaining super powers of this future (United States & China) fused and combined to form a central federal government called the Alliance. Due to this fusion of culture the main language is no longer English, but a combination of both Chinese and English.

The story of their lives takes place in the year 2517 on a variety of different planets and moons. It is not known whether or not these places are within one start system and the only information given is that Serenity’s mode of propulsion is a “gravity-drive”. As is quite obvious when you look at the Firefly vessel itself you can tell that it is designed after the insect, its tail glowing just like its counterpart during acceleration. We’d rather not say too much about the history behind the ship as it would spoil the fun of finding it out yourselves, so we’ll stop here and move on to the rest of the article.

J&K Reviews - Firefly 3

How long is it?

J&K: Unfortunately it is only one season long. This I suppose makes it easier to watch as there aren’t many episodes, however I think many fans would agree that the show itself was cut too short and wrongly cancelled by fox. I love this show to pieces (Kelly) and can’t say enough that the one season did not do it enough justice. Sure there is the movie “Serenity” that was intended to tie off the end of the story (we’ll go into that a little more in the next J&K Review) but it lacked so much that the series could have made up for. There are plenty of TV shows out there that fox airs that aren’t even interesting, yet they decide to kill one of the best Sci-Fi Westerns there is out there?

J&K Reviews - Firefly 5

What do you think should have happened if the series continued?

J: Lasers to the eye! Floaty spaceyness in the void of what is the universe … those things! They would have gone more into the backgrounds of the characters I believe, evolve them a bit more and give them more depth. Reveal some of the questions that were set up about the characters, even create some newer mysteries along the way. There was still room to even add more characters, making everything even more ‘colourful’. It also feels like some ‘background’ villains needed some more development like Badger or Niska with his entire Mafiosi vibe going there.

K: A lot of the story that was meant to be told was cramped into the movie Serenity, so I would have liked to see it properly expanded and explained instead of squished into one movie. I think it would have suited the story better to have had the chance at another season as there are too many characters that needed to be developed. Yes, okay…you have the graphic novels and you can read them and find out more through them, but it’s not the point. There should have been more to see…for one I would have loved to have seen the character “Shephard” and his development in the TV series. He’s a bit of an enigma and doesn’t talk very much about himself…next to River Tam he’s one of my favourite characters.

Anyway, I think what I’m trying to get at here is if Firefly was given a chance with a second season I think there would have been a lot more depth to the story…characters and history of the ‘Verse. I do like the movie, really I do, but so much is still missing and there are still so many questions.

J&K Reviews - Firefly 4

Next on J&K Reviews: Serenity!

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