Thumb Twiddlers – Bitmite Blitz

Isn’t it funny how humans have become so dependent on technology? My wife, for example, seems to have had her phone surgically attached to her hand, and if she hasn’t then she might as well have. We can’t sit through a movie, TV show, anything, without her whipping her phone out and doing something on it. I’m only slightly better, I can last maybe two episodes of said TV show before whipping mine out… hehe, phrasing.

But the epitome of this reliance on our handheld devices is that we as humans cannot go to answer the call of nature without browsing or gaming on our phones and devices. It’s pathetic. It’s stupid. It’s… where I first played this game I’m about to talk about…

Thumb Twiddlers - Bitmite Blitz 1

Bitmite Blitz is an endless runner game where you play as a termite and try to survive as long as possible and rack up as many points as you can… I called mine Terry.

He zips and zooms through the course, dodging staples, toy cars, birds, spinning tops of doom, all sorts really, and it’s all for my amusement. I should be ashamed of myself, putting such a helpless creature in danger like this, but screw it! Go Terry, go!

Thumb Twiddlers - Bitmite Blitz 4

There are multiple levels to unlock, each more difficult than the last, with varying obstacles and power ups for each level. The level designs are nice, and some decent thought has gone into the power ups and obstacles, which is nice to see!

The graphics are fairly basic but still it looks nice, nothing fancy, but it works well. There’s even an option to change the difficulty and OH BOY does it change! The increase basically increases the speed of everything so you need fast reflexes to take on the harder difficulties. I lost many Terrys on the office level when I had it on the highest difficulty… the termite community will forever remember the office massacre of 2016…

Thumb Twiddlers - Bitmite Blitz 8

The control options are tilt and touch. Tilt, obviously, you tilt the screen. But for me this was a bit of a nightmare as I lost a load of control over Terry. So I preferred touch, especially when I realised that I can just keep my finger on the screen and move him at will instead of tapping everywhere!… Many more Terrys died to bring me this knowledge… Is that Peta I hear at my door?

The levels are unlocked by unlocking a certain number of achievements, and while this is fine at first, it can quickly become a bit of a chore. Though that being said, it was nice finding out things that I otherwise wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t trying to unlock achievements. For example Terry could pick up poison!

Thumb Twiddlers - Bitmite Blitz 9

Mwahahaha! Pick up those logs as much as you want Terry, you’re only hurting yourself!

Overall, it’s a pretty decent game although there are some things that would have been nice additions. Multiple termite sprites to unlock would be cool, especially since they went with the standard method of unlocking stuff as you go that most mobile games seem to favour. Or starting power ups that you can equip and use at the start of the level, like a rocket power up that can shoot Terry like a human cannonball… or a termite cannonball…

Despite these things though, I have to say that this game gave me a lot more entertainment than I was expecting and it was nice to play a mobile game that actually threw some surprises at me every now and again. Perhaps there is hope for mobile games after all… now excuse me while I go kill more Terrys as they race towards a finish line that they are blissfully unaware does not exist…

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