J&K Reviews – Sons Of Anarchy

J&K Reviews - Sons of Anarchy 1

How did you get into it?

K: I’d avoided SoA for a long time because there were so many people watching it and talking about it. I had this idea that I really only wanted to watch it once it cooled down a bit… that way I avoid unnecessary spoilers from others (friends, family, etc.) who have watched it all. It kind of worked for a bit, until Joeri wanted me to give it a shot. What the hell? I thought.

Now we’ve watched the entire collection and I see why it was such a buzz…and is still such a buzz. I’m thankful I didn’t watch it when everyone else did, however…purely because I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it so much with Joeri then. It’s a bloody good show and really hooks you in with little to no effort.

J: I like bikes, the chopper  types, the sound they make is like purring in my ears. It has a certain free feeling to it. Since I like them and they had a show about a motorcycle club I was convinced this couldn’t go wrong, even if the story would be crap there would still have been some motorbikes I spend time glancing at. Sometimes things have simple reasons why we do something this probably was the simplest I ever had so I just rolled with it, like how a tire rolls, a tire on a bike … rolling.

J&K Reviews - Sons of Anarchy 4

What’s it about?

J&K: It’s a bit of a dark drama based on the close-knit life of the outlaw Motorcycle club, Sons of Anarchy. In the TV series we follow the “mother charter” SAMCRO in the small town of Charming in California. The town is sheltered and “protected” by the renegade SoA as they are intent on protecting the town and their own.

There are many characters in this show, but one of the main ones is named Jackson “Jax” Teller. Jax is part of the brotherhood but finds that his own loyalty to the group is tested when he experiences its increasing lawlessness and notoriety. At the same time he is also adjusting to life as a father…but the most complicating matters in his life seem to be his mother and step-father. Both are ruthless and in some ways, get what they want when they want. This is why they’re the masterminds behind the club.

How long is it?

J&K: Seven seasons long and incredibly tense as each season passes. There are many times where you think you know what’s going to happen and suddenly it’s flipped around and you’re starting to second guess yourself. This I what makes SoA one of the best TV shows out there…it is full of suspense, intrigue and crime. It pulls you in and refuses to let go…and just when you make a connection with the characters, find a favourite, it throws a big curveball. Things aren’t what they seem in the mother charter of the Sons.

What appeals to you in the series?

K: I have always been interested in the life of Motorcycle clubs and I also enjoy a lot of crime drama, so this was a perfect combination of both. I love motorbikes, especially Harley Davidsons…but my appeal changed a bit when I started watching. You start to connect with the characters and their story…and you also find the town, Charming, you want to know more and more about it. There is more than meets the eye in the quaint little town. I think in the beginning it was mostly the motorcycle club aspect that intrigued me…now that we’ve finished, I found a lot more that appealed to me. The development of the characters and their backgrounds, the police force that try so hard to bring justice…it’s so hard to define exactly what, but I think you get the gist of things! My favourite character has to be Chibs though…gotta love that Scottish badass.

J: Bikes … might have mentioned that before. Who doesn’t like that outlaw story? The things you’d never really do yourself in life, because you kind of have a conscience and some morality. We all have those moments when we think we want to punch someone in the face because they just deserve it somehow. It pulls you in a world where people have their own sense of justice and even though you can see how it doesn’t apply onto actual common laws we have in our society, this ‘different’ justice still seems just. It’s just always fun to see things from a different angle.

J&K Reviews - Sons of Anarchy 3

What did you think of the ending?

(Spoiler Free)

K: Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. It really leads up to it and you can see how well developed the characters have become since the beginning of the show. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though…but I figure in a dark crime drama most people would get that. The ending is fitting, a little sad, but certainly fitting. There is both a good and bad side to it, depending on how you view the series when it comes to it. It has one of the best endings I’ve seen in a TV series…so I definitely recommend it to people who have never watched it. If you’re interested in that sort of thing…you should go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

J: From the beginning there were only two possible outcomes in my mind, two totally opposite outcomes. The more the show advanced the more it headed to only one of those possible outcomes, so I can say it had to end that way.

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