J&K Reviews – Once Upon A Time

J&K Reviews - Once Upon A Time 1

How did you get into it?

J: Well for once, yes miracles don’t just happen during sparkly snowy holidays, Kelly advised me on watching something that I didn’t know even existed. She kept saying for a while we should watch it so when we came across it in the store I grabbed a copy of it on DVD, threw my money over the counter and went home to watch it.

K: I found out about this by sheer chance, actually. I was watching TV with my mum when this advert came on, all fantasy like, and I really couldn’t help but be intrigued. Apparently I wasn’t the only one either! It was something we used to watch together when I was still living in the UK. I remember watching the first episode…and getting so frustrated that I’d have to wait another week for the next one. I really was hooked. Still am even now…The only difference is I’m not waiting a week, I’m waiting months for the new seasons to come out. I swear… It’s even worse!

J&K Reviews - Once Upon A Time 2

What’s it about?

J&K: The series takes place in the seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine. The people that live there are actually characters from fairy tales and myth that were transported from their world to the “real world” by a horrible curse. One of the intentional side effects of this was each resident had their original memories robbed…making it so certain people wouldn’t remember their loved ones or friends. The city is protected by a barrier that prevents anyone from leaving and causes an illusions so that anyone from the “outside world” would not be able to find Storybrooke…the only people who can move freely, however, are those who are originally from the fairy tale world but weren’t influenced by the curse and those that somehow find the town. It seems that the only one who can save the town is a woman called Emma Swan, who arrives in Storybrooke to return her son Henry to the Major, Regina. Things don’t go as planned and she ends up staying and taking up the mantle of Sheriff.

J&K Reviews - Once Upon A Time 3

How long is it (so far)?

J&K: Five seasons at the moment…and counting. It started back in 2011/12 but I’ve really seen the series develop over the years. We’ve watched up to season 3 at the moment…and without saying too much, it’s certainly delving into all the different fairy tales and myths that we have in the world.

What appeals to you in the series?

J: It’s a new take on some of the fairy tales we all grew up with, some heroes are shown not so heroic and some bad characters get shone in a different light. The characters are properly thought out and have a well-developed background and depth to them, they go back and forth between present day and the past in the story-world to achieve this. They found a way to go back and forth between these two worlds and be able to add new backgrounds or even new characters, with it still feeling like it all properly fits in without feeling forced in the storyline. The show has a descent amount of suspense build up and keeps your attention throughout.

K: I really love the whole “fantasy” theme going on with the mix of stories and it starts to make me question all the different variations of the stories they have in there. When fairy tales are just meant to be children’s stories, the series changes it into something very believable, very real. The backgrounds of characters become something you latch onto and never want to let go… they dig so deep into your heart you can’t seem to stop watching. There are so many twists and turns in this series that I can’t help but bloody love it.

J&K Reviews - Once Upon A Time 5

What direction do you hope it will take?

J: I hope they can keep this nice balance of backgrounds and present day occurrence  storytelling up, although you can in my opinion not keep stretching this method for too long or it will in fact feel too forced and mess up the entire timeline of the story. There’s still some interesting characters in the fairy tales of old that can be worked out into newer stories with a twist.

K: Without watching the new series, I don’t want to say too much until we’ve been able to catch up…but I will say this; I really hope they develop Emma Swan more than they have done now. She has so much promise and potential, it would be such a shame to waste it. I think they’re doing that though and I see it from the last season how much things are changing…though is it really always for the better?

J&K Reviews - Once Upon A Time 4

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