Popcorn Reviews – Marvel vs DC : Who’s Winning?

Popcorn Reviews - Marvel vs DC 1

If you’re old enough, think back. Do you remember the time where superhero movies involved Schwarzenegger turning people into giant popsicles, Superman with his underpants on the outside, and the infamous batnipples!


Look at them! There, in all their horrifying glory! As hard as it is, let’s take our eyes away from George Clooney’s chest and continue.

It’s so funny to think that in such a short period of time we’ve gone from the occasional Superman or Batman movie to the present day where we are metaphorically having a barrage of superhero movies being shot at us every several months, with no signs of stopping any time soon! If you are not too familiar with the Marvel and DC universes and are getting sick of all these superhero movies, I’m sorry to tell you that they both have many, many, many, more to choose from.


But here’s the question: who is winning the cinematic universe? Is it Marvel or is it DC? Both have such loyal fanbases, it can be difficult to tell. There are some that go by how accurate they are to the comics, others by how much money each movie made (though these people tend to be tied to the actual production of the movies). Then there are who I feel are the most sensible people of this group, who ask whether or not they enjoyed the movie compared to the other franchise’s.

This debate sparks up every time a new movie comes out. Some obvious examples are Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the newest DC movie Batman vs Superman. When Marvel announced Guardians of the Galaxy the world laughed either to their faces or behind their backs. “What the hell are they doing?” they might have said, “how can they possibly make a good movie from such an unknown comic?”. Then months later it broke the box office and was hugely popular.

Then, Batman vs Superman did the opposite. The hype built for the legendary conflict between DC’s two most popular heroes. Then as the release drew near, more and more things started appearing in trailers that made people nervous. Sure enough, it comes out and gets extremely mixed reviews. (Personally I enjoyed it, though maybe the casting of Lex could have been better…)

14741250519_0f6fc54bb2_o maxresdefault

What annoys me about this debate, is why the hell are we having this debate?! Why are there those who gloat and rub the success of one franchise’s movie in the face of the other? Why are there people looking for any possible issue with a movie, just so they can try to make someone that enjoys it feel bad for liking it and not the one that the first person likes? I thought we were watching a movie, not arguing in the playground!

I grew up reading comics, watching the cartoons, and while there is one franchise whose comics I read more of, that wasn’t through some loyalty to them over the other. It was because they just happened to have a few more series that I enjoyed compared to the other one. No, I’m not going to tell you which franchise, because that’s my point; it doesn’t matter! 


I think it’s about time that we stop arguing amongst ourselves and embrace this fantastic time we live in! We’re in a time of cinema where being a comic book lover, or superhero lover, is being rewarded with some truly amazing and well written and acted movies.

Popcorn Reviews - Marvel vs DC

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