Joeri’s Corner – Ori And The Blind Forrest

Joeri's Corner - Ori 3

There are some games that can surprise you out of nowhere with its beautiful design and gameplay and today I’d like to present one of those because it even left me mesmerised. Look out for Ori and the Blind Forest…this is the gem of a game you’ve probably never even heard about. This game was developed by Moon Studios as a more low budget indie developer, launched on steam and quickly after its launch came into the spotlight of the crowds and got picked up by Microsoft to be further published through them.

This is a single player game where you play the role of Ori the little orphan guardian spirit. You play in a 2D platform style game where you have to jump through the several platforms and solve puzzles to advance through the levels and unlock more of your powers. You can manage your powers in a sort of skill tree. You can get to certain save points or create a soul link to save your games. There’ll be some enemies in your way to block your adventure of restoring the forest, but you can gradually find a way to counter every sort of creature that comes your way.

Joeri's Corner - Ori 2

This game is, for me, a fresh breeze of air in the ever changing world of games, having a background in game development myself I can see sometimes how even in the simplest looking games a lot of effort went into creating them. That’s also why I value so much of these small time indie developers to begin with, but this one just blew my socks off. This one manages to get into touch with the old style of gaming I first fell in love with when I was younger, yet still manages to feel very modern.  The graphics used in this game are literally made from art and the images are stunning to say the least. I was caught in this nostalgic feeling and said to myself “wow this is how a game is supposed to be”.

The gameplay is not all too difficult, after a little while you get the hang of all the jumping and running, and how it handles. Getting through the levels isn’t all too difficult but the combination of the enemy interactions, puzzles and unlocking specific necessary  skills to get to the next part make it worthwhile playing this and will keep you entertained for quite some time.

Joeri's Corner - Ori 6 Joeri's Corner - Ori 4

Ori and the Blind Forest  proves that you don’t need the highest set of graphics or a crazy budget to captivate the public, it’s the classic style games that build the gaming community and I think we can still now learn from those. This game could teach some of the big shot studios how storytelling is an important part at the core of each game and you can’t count on big flashy spectacles alone to distract us players from what is actually a pretty empty husk of a game. These developers have certainly gained my respect and I hope they can deliver more of this fine work to the big crowds if they manage to pick up the proper backing, which I think they actually might now. Maybe they’ll even inspire others that with  the development of new technologies. We shouldn’t ever completely step away from these style of games but let them be their own style next to the newer styles being developed, even D&D managed to survive on the format of pen and paper and still isn’t out of style.

I hope at least some of you feel inclined to pick up a copy of the game, cause even if I inspired just a small amount of people to give this game the attention it deserves it’ll be a great step forward for the developers who did a magnificent job on this. To get the true beauty of this game you just have to play it, you have to experience it for yourself cause I truly think these words can’t do it justice.

Joeri's Corner - Ori 5

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