GitRant – Alien: The Dreaded X-Word


Yon alien, from “Alien”, be name’t “Alien”, “Xenomorph”, it’s name be not! Henceforth, I shall speak only of “the X-word”, For the full word be bunkum and rot.

Yon X-word is nought but a synonym. Hath but the same meaning as alien, o! In Latin, it doth mean “far away shape”, Why do people misuse it so?

Consider Gorman, the Lieutenant Marine, In “Aliens”, the second movie in. Including this one he hath but one combat drop, The blame doth truly lie with him.

Gorman, untried, and w’ears still wet, Doth know his men respect him not. Forsooth, he calls out the X-word in abandon, And Frost doth reply, “Excuse me sir…a WHAT?”

See the mirth he doth inspire in his men, As he struts like a cock in show. Canst thou not see the gulf twixt he and they? Verily we can see where his character must go.

And what a piece of work is Gorman here? Be he worthy leader or fool? Be he brave, capable, direct like an arrow, Or doth he wrangle with words to sound cool?

Gorman is gormless! A bumpkin! A braggart! Throwing his lexicon at his new men. Why useth a common word when an exotic one will do? And there, my friends, should it end. But then…

Lo, th’audience did gasp with reveal, “I see!” “’tis the name of the foul beast’s race!” I confess, ’twas an easy mistake for to make, But now thou hast alien egg ‘pon thy face.

Verily, thou must see that this misnomer, Be as incorrect as’t can possibly be. It doth come from a piece of character development, It be not the race of the creature we see.

Yon alien, from “Alien”, be name’t “Alien”, And herein lies the rub, my man. If thou useth and abuseth the dreaded “X-word”, Thou art an asshole, just like Gorman.


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