Tabletop Time – Cards Against Humanity


About the game

Cards Against Humanity is a card game with its own special description on the box to set the mood for the game. It’s “A party game for horrible people”. It’s not a very difficult game to play as you have two types of cards in the game, black and white, the question cards are black and answer cards are white. To start the game each player draws ten cards from the answer card pile and only you can view your cards not those of your co-players. The player that takes the first turn draws one card from the question pile and reads this out loud, placing the card in view on the table. The game rules suggest the first player to begin is the one who most recently pooed (No dirty secrets here, guys). All other players must choose the correct amount of answer cards corresponding to the amount on the question card  out of the hand they hold. All the answer cards are presented to the person that drew the question card, without knowing who gave what cards, so the player can then choose the card or cards that he or she finds the best or most hilarious answer suited to the question. Once an answer is chosen the one who put down the selected answer takes the next turn and repeats again like before until all cards have been used up.


Pros and cons


  • allows a huge group of players
  • very entertaining
  • hours of laughter
  • easy to play
  • You get to know your friends in a slightly different way, a very silly way
  • can add more cards trough expansions


  • it’s controversial
  • can be rude/offensive at times depending on your point of view (but never take any of the game too serious)
  • expansions can be expensive
  • need to know the slang and local background of the country the edition is from


Personal opinion

We first played this game at our friend’s house and after a little explaining we jumped right into playing it. We like the fact that you don’t have to spend a long time explaining rules and general gameplay. We had the oddest combinations of questions and answers and laughed our asses off, however odd these combinations were though they still kind of fitted in a weird way. Maybe we also liked the fact that we could be a bit of a douchebag while playing this game, because there it was socially acceptable to be jackasses. After having such a great evening we felt like we also wanted to own our own copy of the card game.

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend it to people who want to unwind when playing games and don’t mind slightly dirty humour.  There are a whole lot of combinations and therefore the game is never the same as each card can still come as an unexpected answer. This game is a good activity for either small or big groups. Some games have a limit for a smaller amount of players and it makes it more difficult to play when you have a lot of friends over at your house. Luckily cards against humanity throws this all out of the window.


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