J&K Reviews – Deadpool


As many of you know, the movie release of Deadpool was in February and it sparked both positive and negative comments from its audiences. If I’m not mistaken there were many parents who were concerned about the language and lewdness of the film and they were rightly justified as it was rated a 12 over here in Belgium. However, did any of them really stop to consider that Deadpool was really a superhero? Surely they couldn’t expect anything like Captain America or Spider-Man when not all Marvel creations are cut from the same cloth. Deadpool is a prime example of this classification. He is not a hero. He was never intended to be a hero in the beginning…and if people actually did a little background check on the character, then they would undoubtedly know this. Truth be told he’s more of an anti-hero…but hey, isn’t that why we love him so much?

So let’s get stuck into the background of our favourite not-villain. Deadpool’s first appearance in the Marvel universe was way back in February 1991 in a comic called New Mutants #98. From then on he began his journey by making guest appearances in various Marvel comics such as The Avengers, Daredevil and Heroes for Hire. In 1992 he finally got his own role in a miniseries called The Circle Chase and in 1997 he was given his own ongoing title. Right from the beginning of his creation Deadpool was never about saving lives in spandex tights or swinging from rooftops wearing a lycra suit. He was deadly, brutal and downright insane. Consider the fact that he has two voices in his head, an unhealthy addiction to chimichangas and a fetish for unicorns, and you have yourself a perfect anti-hero. Maybe had people known these little trivia’s, they wouldn’t have been in for such a surprise when they saw the movie.


Anyway, let’s get down to the Q&A part of our review!

What made you want to watch the movie?

J: Well first of all… I read comics! I wear shirts and even have some silly little buttons that I pin on my bag. So when they brought out this little movie thing, I thought “Hey… might as well!”

Nah, seriously. So far I’ve always liked the type of humour that’s in the comics and it seems like Ryan Reynolds intended from the start to make this a proper Deadpool movie, like how he’s supposed to be. Seeing as he self-promoted so much and was so behind it, I had a good feeling that it would be of a good quality that I expected it to be if I would make it myself.

K: I LOVE Deadpool. I mean, who wouldn’t?! He’s lewd, yes… and perhaps maybe a little violent, but I couldn’t love him any more if I tried. I didn’t really start reading the comics until 3 years ago (no access to a proper comic webshop) and only because Joeri was so passionate about it. Perhaps I don’t love it as much as him (he was like a kid in a candy shop when we saw the movie) but Deadpool is certainly an entertaining guy. Screams to my not-so-normal side.

What was your favourite part of the movie?


J: Definitely the part when he was pissed at Colossus and tried to beat him up, but failed miserably and injured himself instead. The flaily little hands of doom just cracked me up! Also love the follow-up of that… the Baby Hand! There’s a whole lot in general about the movie that I love but that made me laugh the hardest. I honestly haven’t laughed so hard in a while during a movie.

K: I’d have to say the same as Joeri, really. Flaily hands were freakin’ awesome. I think I got a massive stitch in my side when he just kept on going and was thankful the entire cinema was laughing as well. I’d almost cried when the baby hand came on screen and started stroking Blind Al’s face. One other part I also liked was in the beginning when he got shot in the ass…the comments he made were just too good to not laugh at.

Would you recommend it?

J: Definitely because despite all the violence and lewd kind of humour, the movie still has something humane to it. Marvel just knows how to make their characters connect with people, because after all… this is a man struggling with every day things like his health and trying to be a good partner. It’s that connection that make people relate to the character and feel the story by themselves.

K: Yes, but I know it’s not for everyone. I recommend people to watch it, but honestly if you don’t enjoy violence, gore and dark humour then you probably won’t like it… and one thing that can spoil a good movie is someone who watches it while knowing they won’t like it. Deadpool is Deadpool. It isn’t just about violence and gore… like Joeri said, Marvel knows how to connect people to the characters and I think maybe 10 years ago this wouldn’t have been as popular as it is today. Society changes and so does the creation of films. If this is your thing and you love the stupidity and silliness of Mr. Pool, then watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

Are you hoping for another one?

J: Hoping? I’m bracing for it! It’s bound to come after the success it had and let’s face it, there’s plenty of fans out there who want some more. After all, it’s the fans who made this movie happen in the first place and without the internet fanbase backing this movie, it might never have even happened. I’m already looking forward to it!

K: Darn right I am! I know that with the success of this one, they will strive to make the next one even better. I mean, they already hinted at the end of the movie for goodness sake! Please, if you haven’t already seen the secret ending…watch the credits all the way through! I can’t wait for another epic title!


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