Joeri’s Corner – Destiny: The Taken King


I’ve been playing since the early 90’s, yes that time when you could still count the pixels and the game would fit on a 2Mb floppy disk, and have played many style of games. In the past I played some MMOS and some FPS games, two different genres with their own skillsets. So when they announced Destiny I was intrigued by the promise they were putting these two game styles together. Despite that I didn’t get into the game from the beginning, it is in fact only until recently I started playing, there’s already big changes from the beginning that I just hopped into. For example levelling to level 40, since level 20 is now a triviality.


I went towards that initial goal of reaching that level cap quite fast, but lucky for me reaching that wasn’t the only thing to do, it was in fact just the first step required for all the rest you can do once you reach that level. Though mind you… to enjoy the game and the PVP that comes with it you don’t need to be fully levelled and geared up. The game balances you out so you won’t end up into little munched up pieces as the level 5 going up against the big bad imposing level 40. I have to admit though that being a level 5 is way less appealing than being a level 40 with nice shiny gear, so yes there’s still ample motivation to go out there and level. Getting that brand spanking new level or piece of gear is a reward in itself after all.


Every day, mainly after a workday of course, I feel plenty motivated to go online and shoot some monsters in the face with a rocket launcher and in the occasional PVP match where I get to zap people with my lightning. Oh I didn’t tell you right? I play a warlock with the Stormcaller subclass, it basically means that I become lightning and rain down bolts on them, and yes I do become a maniacal God complex madman when I activate that lighting mode (Kelly:  You have nooooo idea…).

All crazy things on a stick though this is a game that can relax me, and probably many other people, every day there’s plenty to do so I can work towards those better statistics and become the true egotripping maniac gun waving space traveller I am meant to be in that game universe (Kelly: Psst…He already is!!). It’s the sort of game you can randomly jump on and have some good fun, while many other games with their set times for specific bosses or raids (you basically need a separate agenda to organise your life around such things… crazy) just don’t offer that freedom. Many others in the past have seemed more  like tedious tasks you have to complete every day again and again. What I really think appeals to me most though of all is the fact that this is a multiplayer that I can play together with my darling and good friends, meanwhile being in the same chat channel as they are and just have some good laughs together with them, or cursing depending on the amount of deaths we go through.

I will leave this silly rant at this and hope to see some of you on there, maybe in PVE maybe in PVP blowing your face off or maybe I will be at the end of your pointy stick?


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