J&K Reviews – Supernatural

We both enjoy a lot of different shows and each have their own tastes now and then, but one of them that we can both agree on has got to be Supernatural. There’s just no way we couldn’t love it!


How did you get into it?

J: Well, it used to be on TV in the late evening when I was younger and it was a fun show to watch together with my mum since she enjoyed it too. Back then we just referred to the show as “that show with the black car where the brothers drive around like a weird Scooby-Doo gang”. It got stuck in my memory like that and it stopped airing on the TV but I still wanted to re-watch and keep on watching it…so I started buying the DVDs. Ever since I’ve just kept buying them and watching them.

K: Ironically I’d never even heard of Supernatural before I got together with Joeri. If anyone were to ask me if I’d heard of it before I would have probably gone “Huh? That’s a show? It sounds like some bad ghost hunting thing.” Now it seems I can’t get enough… I think when we started watching it together I really did find it interesting…but now it’s waaaay passed that. I freakin’ LOVE it. I don’t really have a favourite TV series but Supernatural…it comes super close!

What’s it about?

J&K: So it’s mostly about these two crazy brothers, Sam & Dean Winchester…it begins with them looking for the killer of their mother and they hunt evil while doing so. Eventually they find out a demon is responsible and set out this crazy ass scheme to destroy it. They get into all these tricky situations with all weird biblical and demonic creatures that apparently REALLY don’t like the name Winchester.  Every season they find themselves climbing up the food chain of extremely evil crap (did we mention they also sing and lip-sync?) with angel buddy Cas they picked up on the way. If you want to learn more or the finer details then watch the show!



How long is it?

J&K: So far we’ve watched 10 seasons and there’s an 11th already out somewhere in the US. It really does get better as the show progresses which is why they didn’t stop making it after season 8, which was the plan apparently…thank God they kept on with the awesome!

What appeals to you in the series?

J: First of all it’s a different kind of series, meaning that even though it’s about evil demons and such creatures…it is still fairly light-hearted thanks to the good sense of humour they put in. It’s a good balance between exciting and humorous. The brothers have a certain kind of chemistry between them with their weird facial expressions and stupid practical jokes they pull on each other. All of that makes a good and relaxing view time!  If you really want an example, YouTube search “Dean Winchester Eye of the Tiger”.

K: Crazy. It is absolutely crazy and completely hilarious and I cannot for the life of me get enough of it. I have to say that it really appeals to my “supernatural curious” side and even kind of takes the pee in a few episodes with a spoof on the “Ghost Hunters” called…hold on.. Ghost Facers!! They have some epic moments with Cas in the beginning when they realise he’s watching porn…for the first time in his existence in the same room as them. Imagine the questions kids ask, but coming from a fully grown adult instead. It’s awkwardly funny, especially when he ends up asking “If the pizza guy really loves this girl, why is he slapping her rear?”


Would you recommend it to anyone?

J: Yes I would…as a matter of fact I have before got someone totally hooked on it so badly they went out and bought the entire series on DVD. It’s a kind of show that you can relax to and sink away with in a comfy couch. It always keeps you grasped and wants you to know how it goes on.

K: Most definitely! Anyone with a good sense of humour and love for supernatural things will love this program. There are a lot of seasons, but it’s totally worth it to get into and can really break up the seriousness of other TV series. It isn’t pure comedy…but like we mentioned before, it has a really good balance of both. So if you’re into the creepy crawlies that may hide under your bed, watch it!

What direction do you hope it will take?

J: In the past they have done great personifications of things like Death, etc. They really nailed it with those characters and I hope they can continue doing this with the newer villains. Especially the one they showed at the end of season 10. If it will be anything like before I think it could be special, they sure seem to be climaxing to the “big bad evil”.

K: Honestly…As long as I can keep watching the awesomeness and they keep making it, I’m happy with any direction. At the moment though I’m really watching the development of the character Crowley and hope to see more come out of it. The last season (season 10, the one we watched last) made it impossible for me not to love him more than the brothers. Sorry boys, he really kicks your ass!


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